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A Pattaya baht bus’s permanent rule will no longer apply.

The legislation forbidding upright passengers on baht buses was successfully disregarded after being formally introduced to the nation in February. Katee Bangprapa, a representative for the Pattaya Baht Bus Collective, claimed that his coworkers were obligated by law to pick up passengers upon request and that doing so put them at risk of being physically assaulted.

Additionally, he emphasized how expensive gasoline was, indicating that it made sense to operate at maximum capacity, particularly during peak hours.The police emphasize that the legal inconsistencies have not yet been settled by superiors.

An unusually intelligent Pattaya expat complained to City Hall that the prohibition wasn’t working, but was told to wait for the next available car to arrive instead. Some travelers reportedly choose to stand for a variety of reasons, including a lower risk of pickpocketing and a better view.Anyhow, Pattayans are masters at evading their legal responsibilities.

The only recorded punishment happened when a foolish drunk set fire to a no-smoking sign, despite the kingdom’s ban on smoking on beaches going into effect in 2018 in an effort to protect the environment. There could only be two recruiter-ladies outside beer establishments in Pattaya in 2017 due to a local ordinance, but Sexy Soi Six was never informed of this restriction.Even successful prosecutions occasionally fail.

By provocatively dancing while completely naked on a club stage, a Pattaya go-go dancer was charged with indecent display under the previous Entertainment Venue Act. However, the accusation was dropped after her attorney presented evidence that the dancer was actually wearing a top hat. Her use of live goldfish and ping pong balls in a filthy cabaret act, which violated the law on animal welfare, led to her being found guilty of the offense.

There are reportedly hundreds of unenforceable laws in existence worldwide, according to The Lawyer Portal. When someone wants to use your bathroom, it is still illegal in Scotland, and a bye-law still calls for the execution of anyone foolish enough to carry a crossbow through Cambridge. We might not want to be too tough on the Pattaya baht buses.

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