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A Buffalo NY Grandmother loses her life to go to the store in Bomb Cyclone

buffalo snow storm

Even though Casey Maccarone’s mother has always been a bit of a superwoman, Maccarone expressed concern when Monique Alexander made the decision to leave on Christmas Eve.

Residents of the region have been warned repeatedly not to venture out with over 50 deaths due directly to the freak storm, and a mandate has been in force to allow only emergency vehicles on the roads at this time.

Any other day, it would have been an easy choice, but a blizzard was about to hit, one that would dump more than 50 inches of snow in some parts of Western New York.

According to Maccarone, who spoke to CNN, she was already experiencing anxiety as she followed Facebook business closing notices.

Alexander, 52, went without saying where she was going.

Since Alexander had moved in with her in August, Maccarone claimed she had just believed that her mother was attempting to get to the shops before they closed

Image courtesy of Casey MaccaroneI

Alexander was never able to return. Only a few hundred steps from the house, her body was found.

“We were anticipating her return. The fact that she remained outside for such a long time is also difficult to comprehend, but there were no emergency responders permitted to go outside, Maccarone said on Wednesday, standing outside her family’s home. “I felt something was wrong straight away, though, so I kind of accepted it instantly.

Alexander walked everywhere, and she had experienced severe storms previously.

She’s always believed she was indestructible and superwoman, so according to Maccarone, she probably just believed she could manage the circumstances. “I really can’t tell my mother anything; she’ll do anything she wants to do. She probably just believed she was capable of handling it.

Around 3 p.m., Alexander departed. After a few hours, Maccarone shared a Facebook post about her mother with other Buffalo locals who were also dealing with the increasingly disastrous weather. A message from a stranger describing her mother’s blue trousers and coat arrived around fifteen minutes later. Alexander was present, and she confirmed it by asking him if he had seen her.

Could I call you? Maccarone claimed he questioned her. He quickly broke down during the video chat. She was informed by the man that Alexander was in the snow as he was wandering after being lost. He carried her body out of the weather and under the awning of a building so that the snow wouldn’t bury her.

The National Guard would later pick up her corpse. Alexander is one of at least 37 persons who have passed away in Erie County, 17 of whom were discovered outside, according to officials, who also note that the number will almost definitely rise.

Mass lootings have also been carried out in the region, we are not sure if it’s pure greed or people scared they can not get clothes or food to get through the storm.

According to Maccarone, the family lost its pillar and go-to person.

She added, “My kids lost their grandmother, and being a good grandmother was her most essential function in life.” “And all they have left are memories now.”

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