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50 Car Train derailment causes havoc in Ohio US (VIDEO)

Ohio train crash

Ohio’s EAST PALESTINE (KDKA) – The fire is still burning 24 hours after the derailment of the train. In East Palestine, Ohio, KDKA was kept about half a mile away from the incident.

First responders are currently staying back because hazardous materials are leaking from the wreckage. People should be aware that the air quality is still safe. No injuries have been reported as of yet. The community’s only option is to wait while the professionals do their task.

National Transportation and Safety Board member Michael Graham remarked, “This is the start of a lengthy process.

The cause of a train derailment that occurred on Friday night close to the Pennsylvania-Ohio border is the subject of an official federal inquiry. Graham served as a spokeswoman for the NTSB as it arrived at the community of East Palestine on Saturday afternoon.

The probable cause is determined by “our team slowly and systematically reviewing all material, taking into account all conceivable circumstances, and making any necessary, safety recommendations,” Graham continued.

According to the NTSP, the train consisted of three engines, nine empty cars, and 141 load cars. 20 of them had dangerous materials, and 50 of them derailed. A huge fire sprang out, its orange flames illuminating the sky. More than 60 emergency agencies from three states’ worth of first responders swiftly deployed.

A substance called vinyl chloride was being transported in four tank trains when they derailed. According to the NTSB, at least one is gradually dispersing it into the air, indicating that it is performing its duty.

Environmental protection teams from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the railroad company are still keeping an eye on the air quality. Trent Conaway, the mayor, advises simply letting the fire burn.

“We need to leave this in the hands of the experts. We are not experts in any way. They do,” he declared.

Using drones and other equipment, officials are still trying to identify other substances in the autos. Local authorities currently advise residents to remain in place.

You’re endangering both us and yourself. Stop. Let’s take care of it together. According to Chief Keith Drabick of the East Palestine fire department, all we care about is the residents’ and citizens’ safety.

The NTSB will be in charge of the inquiry and is setting up a support center to aid the locals and those affected by the incident. The business pledges to assist the Red Cross’s efforts going forward and is donating $25,000 to do so.

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