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44 foreigners arrested in ongoing tourist police crackdowns

A multi-force raid has arrested another 44 foreigners in a weekly use of police resources that continues to mainly discover people overstaying their visas or lacking an entry permit to Thailand.


Tourist police joined force with other police agencies nationwide arrested 44 foreigners on a check of 83 people countrywide on Thursday night, Deputy tourist police chief Pol Maj-General Surachet Hakpal told a press conference at 2am on Friday.

The raids included three international schools, two language schools and 30 normal schools.

He said 11 people were charged with overstaying their visas –six Indians, two Uzbekistanis, one Nigerians and one Guinean.

Another 31 were charged with being in the Kingdom without a visa. They are nine Indians, seven from Myanmar, five Laotians, four Cambodians, three Nigerians, two Bangladeshis and one Uzbekistani.
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