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40 camels disqualified for Botox use

 Organizers of a beauty contest for camels in Saudi Arabia said 43 animals have been disqualified for receiving Botox treatments, face lifts and other cosmetic procedures.

Officials with the monthlong King Abdulaziz Camel Festival in the desert northeast of Riyadh said examinations of the camels entered in the beauty contest revealed 43 of the animals had received Botox injections, face-lift procedures, hormone injections and other banned enhancements.

The contest, which carries a price of $66 million for the winning animal’s breeder, features judges rating the camels based on the shapes of their heads, necks and humps, as well as the camels’ dress and postures.

Officials said advanced technology was used to screen the camels for artificial enhancements, and 43 of the camels were disqualified due to the findings. They said it was the highest number of disqualifications in the contest’s history


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