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Video: Convoy Of 32 Porsches Jump Red Light

Convoy Of 32 Porsches Jump Red Light

Drivers were furious after a convoy of 32 Porsches blocked other cars so that their friends could jump a red light.

The colourful sports cars ignored the warnings at the Wat Sri Panton intersection in Nan Province, Thailand, last Sunday January 13 evening.

CCTV shows how a yellow and a light silver Porsches first drove ahead to block the oncoming vehicles, who had the right of way because their lights were green.

The arrogant blockade then allowed the other 30 Porsches to pass through.

Motorist Jan, one of the drivers who was blocked at the intersection, said: ”They obviously planned on this. They know what they are doing but they just don’t care. Being rich doesn’t mean you can break the law.”

Thai police said they have started a ”serious investigation” into the supercar rebels because they had ”intentionally violated the traffic rules”

Police Major General Saan Pholiraksa, the commander of Nan Provincial Police, said: ”We are checking through security cameras for number plates and have our officers keep an eye on the case closely.

”Currently, local police are looking for more evidence. Fines will be rolled to these exclusive car owners for traffic violation.”

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