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2 mascots caught feeling up a promo girl at Motor Expo

2 mascots caught feeling up a promo girl at Motor Expo

Thai social media is enraged by two mascot bears at the Motor Expo, who were caught on video feeling up a model with their bear hands when she asked them for a photo.

 In the video, which circulated on social media, it looks like the red bear has his hand on the model’s right breast, causing her to scream and say, “No, you can’t do that,” although she was laughing. As her friend was trying to snap the photo, the blue bear got a little too excited and began grinding on her.

“How many women did they do this to? They take advantage of the teddy bear costume’s cuteness and harassed women. You’re simply perverts,” wrote Facebook page Famous Overnight.

Another comment from a Thai man said, “They took an advantage of her. If you encounter this, don’t bother pushing their hands away. Just walk away. This is not funny.”

“Such perverted bears,” another user wrote.

The identity or gender of the people inside the costumes remains unknown, but this photo from MG Thailand’s Facebook page suggests that the two worked at the British sports car’s booth.

Despite the clear MG logos on the bear outfits, local media withheld the name of the car in reports. In yesterday’s broadcast, Amarin TV reported a representative of the “car brand in question” said that the model and the bears knew each other and they had worked together for 10 days at the Motor Expo. The rep insisted they were “just playing.”

The model, identified as Sudawan Buapach, spoke publicly about the video on Facebook, saying that she didn’t know she was being filmed nor did she expect it to go viral.

She didn’t want to cause any problem and didn’t realize she was groped until she saw the video.

“I thought I was just squished between them and had my arms pulled,” she wrote.

“I insist MG is not part of this. I and the mascots just wanted to take a photo.”

“I’ll try to ignore it. Thanks everyone for being on my side, when I couldn’t quite understand what really happened.”

She added that the “seniors” at the booth just wanted the story to be quiet, and she apologized for refusing to speak with media.

Source: Coconuts

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