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14-year-old daughter raped by her biological father

14-year-old daughter raped by her biological father

Foundation for Paweena Bring the victim’s mother to the Prawet Police Station’s superintendent’s office. Follow the progression of the case of a 14-year-old girl who experienced sexual assault from her real father up until the time of her pregnancy. Recently, the cops detained the offender.

Mrs. Paweena Hongsakul, president of the Paweena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women, escorted Ms. A (pseudonym), 34, the mother of the 14-year-old victim who was attacked, to the Prawet Police Station today (Oct. 17). true father raped till she became pregnant before giving birth on September 30. He got to know Prawet Police Station supervisor Pol. Col. Suraphong Putkhao. To monitor the case’s development

The incident occurred in April 2022, according to Ms. A. His real father, Mr. Somchai (surname withheld), was 40 years old when he picked up his daughter, Ms. B, from the Buriram province since she was in the middle of term break. By putting them up in a camp for construction workers on Soi On Nut 70/1 in Bangkok’s Prawet District. While they were dating, Mr. Somchai attacked Girl B sexually. Following the incident, Girl B and her aunt fled to Soi On Nut 66, intersection 19-16, but Mr. Somchai continued to pursue them. and assaulted me sexually once more. Miss B was sent back to study in Buriram Province as normal until the new academic year began.

then, over the New Year’s break Mr. Somchai went back to Buriram Province between the end of December 2022 and the beginning of January and molested Girl B once more. Later, during the month-long break from school. In April of last year, Mr. Somchai traveled to Bangkok to pick up Miss Bee and return her to the same camp for construction workers. Girl B moved to study at Mathayom 2 level in Bangkok to continue attacking her till last May. The teacher advised Girl B that she might be expecting a baby till August. When Ms. B’s aunt urged her to check, the findings revealed that she was really pregnant. As a result, aunt drove Ms. B back to Buriram Province so she could get an abortion. because the doctor couldn’t make me become pregnant when I believed I was just one month along. Because her daughter was seven months pregnant at the time. Later, on August 17, she learned about the situation. So that they could be together in Bangkok, they brought their daughter back. until September 30th, when my daughter gave birth.

Additionally, Miss A disclosed that He split up with Mr. Somchai. Since his kid became 3 years old, he has been absent. Two of his daughters are. The oldest one resides with the eldest sister of Mr. Somchai. They have always received care from the family and gone to school. And she won’t raise any objections if the daughter decides to go back in with him. It depends on what the daughter wants. What made the younger daughter need to remain with Mr. Somchai? because of how we split up. Because Mr. Somchai had a history of drug use and had been physically abused. So he ran away. In addition, there was no money at the time. I don’t want to put my kids in danger together, for that reason. However, I don’t believe this will occur. He was actually raped by his father, my daughter revealed when I questioned her about it. and has never had any kind of sexual contact with anyone else. After that, though, she will need to care for her daughter. ready to support one another in raising new babies.

Mrs. Paweena claimed that since this is a family matter, all governmental organizations must work together to prevent a repeat of the situation. In this instance, the mother and daughter both visited the foundation to file complaints on October 13 after communicating and coordinating with the Prawet Police Station throughout the entire process. They will then need to assist in the mother’s and daughter’s mental recovery. I’m prepared to collaborate with the Ministry of Justice to demand payment for the financial support. and work with the school to make it possible for kids to keep going to class.


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