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13-year-old schoolboy shot dead in Thailand classroom

Thailand classroom

A 13-year-old schoolboy in Thailand shot dead a classmate he said repeatedly insulted him, calling him a “toot”, at a school in Muang district on Wednesday morning.

The fatal shooting occurred inside a public school in tambon Bang Kraso of Muang district around 8.30 am, Ratthanathibet police said.

Emergency responders found Chonlasit Boonchan, also 13, a Mathayom Suksa 1 student, lying in a pool of blood in front of his classroom. He had a gunshot wound to the right side of his forehead.

Teachers and medics performed CPR on him, but failed to save his life.

The young shooter was caught and taken into custody. Police found a 7.65mm pistol in his shoulder bag, Thai media reported.

Under questioning, the youth told police that Chonlasit had often bullied him, slapping his head and calling him a “toot” – a lady boy.

These repeated insults had rankled, and finally he could stand it no more. He stole his father’s pistol from the house in the morning, and then shot Chonlasit as he was taking off his shoes to enter the classroom after the flag raising.

He then ran to a bathroom to change clothes, intending to flee, but was caught by teachers and senior students, according to police.

Thairath reported that the boy was wearing a black mask, shirt and gloves when he shot Chonlasit, and went to a bathroom to change into his school uniform.

The slain student’s father, Suwit Boonchan, 55, rushed to the school after being told, and burst into tears upon seeing his son’s body.

Police questioned the class teacher and took the young suspect to the police station for further interrogation in the presence of childcare officials.




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