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12ft long python caught while eating pet dog in Nonthaburi

This was the horrifying moment a 12ft long python was found attacking a family’s pet DOG – trying to wraps its jaws around its body.

The massive serpent slithered down the side of the house on September 25 and pounced on the unsuspecting white pooch.

The horrified resident came home from work at 10:30pm and heard the nightmarish gargling noises coming from the side of the house in Nonthaburi.

She called the emergency services who arrived shortly after and began the grim task of releasing the python from its supper.

Animal handlers are then seen prodding the snake before catching it with lassos. Sadly, the dog was lifeless having been crushed to death by the snake.

Rescuer Viroj Boonthai said: ‘There are many big snakes at the moment because they are looking for somewhere dry and in search of food.

”Pets like cats and dogs are in danger. A few days before we caught a python trying to eat a cat. Now another has been found eating a dog.

”The dog owner arrived too late to help. When we came the dog was already dead. People are scared to go near pythons in case they are bitten.”

The snake was stuffed inside a canvas sack and driven away in a pick-up truck to be released into the wild.

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