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The 1 Finger Selfie Challenge

The power of social media is huge these days, and just keeps growing. We’ve all heard of the ice bucket challenge which went viral and helped raise millions, in support of a good cause. It was only because of social media that this was even possible.

Well, Sky-Freedom, a well know Japanese anime artist, has inspired a new challenge that is sweeping through the internet faster than, well, something that’s really fast.

Basically, all you have to do is get strip down to your birthday suit and with the use of 1 finger only (and the power of reflection), cover your private bits, and take a “selfie” in the mirror. Positioning is the key here, and it’s mainly a challenge for the girls, as they got two areas to cover, instead of just the one for us guys, obviously.

Unlike the ice bucket challenge, as of yet, I can’t find any logic or reasoning behind the challenge, other than a bit of fun.

It’s started to hit Thailand, but I’m not sure how long it will be allowed over here with the Thai laws being as they are. Because of these laws, I’m unable to post any pics here, but feel free to Google “1 finger selfie challenge” and have a look for yourself.


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