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Motorbike Crash – 1 Dead 2 Seriously Injured

Fatal Motorbike Crash claims the life of one and leaves 2 more with serious injuries.

At 4am on January 7th, police and emergency services were called to the scene of another motorbike crash. The location was on Sukhumvit road, around central Pattaya.

At the scene police found 3 motorbikes scattered across the road, and the dead body of a Thai male, aged 32. Blood was still rushing from the victim’s head, which was wide open, and took emergency services some time to eventually be able to move the body.

The other 2 victims from the accident had already been taken to hospital by the time police and emergency services had arrived, and were both fighting for survival with serious injuries.

Police spoke to one eye witness to the crash, who stated that he had been driving behind the 3 motorbikes in his car. They seemed to be driving normally, but then suddenly starting speeding up for no apparent reason. The witness said that they may have decided to start racing, as there was very little traffic ahead.

It is still not clear what caused them to lose control of the motorbikes, although police are putting it down to them simply driving too fast. The road around the area is not yet complete and they may have ran into to some loose debris.

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