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​Nigerian Healer Shot Dead While Demonstrating Bullet-Proof Charmed Necklace

A healer in Nigeria has died after trying to demonstrate how wearing charms around your neck can make you Bullet-Proof

26-year-old Chinaka Adoezuwe instructed his potential customer to fire his gun at him, convinced that the charms would protect him.

Tragically, they did not, and the healer lost his life.

The shooter has now apparently been arrested on suspicion of murder. The incident took place in Imo, a south-eastern state in Nigeria.

Some Nigerian doctors believe that charms contain different powers and can help to cure illness and pain.

Adoezuwe made these particular charms after he was approached by the shooter, who wanted to be given some bullet-proof charms.

A witness who spoke to the Punch newspaper said: “To prove the efficacy of the new charms, [he] positioned and handed over a gun to his customer. Tragedy struck.”

It’s not the first incident like this to happen this year alone.

Back in January a man was killed in the Katsina State in north west Nigeria after drinking a concoction he believed would make him invincible.

The drink was given to him by a doctor – after this, the man challenged someone to shoot him. He had to be taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors confirmed he had died.

The doctor was arrested for culpable homicide and criminal conspiracy.

In another article posted by The Punch newspaper, Nigerian armed forces have said that they feel more protected by their charms and amulets than by their actual bullet-proof vests.

A policeman who was involved in a gun fight reportedly told the paper“If I had not used my amulet that day, I would have died without doubt because I was not wearing a bullet-proof vest. A couple of bullets hit me but did not enter my body. A member of our team, who was hit by a bullet in the leg, died that day.”

The same man said that he does usually wear a bullet-proof vest too, but that he feels God is the only thing that will protect him fully.

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