Pattaya police claim weekly Zumba is improving their performance


Pattaya police claim weekly Zumba is improving their performance

Pattaya’s police chief has decided enough is enough of below par police work and so has laid out a plan to whip his boys into shape…..with weekly Zumba classes.

The classes take place every Wednesday right outside the police station on Soi 9, but wait, it get’s better, the general public are welcome to take part too.

Pol. Col. Apichai Kroppech said the Wednesday classes are meant to encourage exercise and help officers reduce stress, which should improve their work efficiency.

Zumba, a dance fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990s, was on the menu for the first class.

There have been positive reports after the first few weeks of classes coming from both officers and the public. Ofiicers have told reporters that they are enjoying the classes which sees them dancing to hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo music.

Most have reported that the feel fitter and better prepared for the days work too.

Apichai said that the exercise course was organized to comply with the government’s policy to have government workers take care of their health.


  • Charles Baht Esquire.

    They should be making this Zumba dance fitness a condition of entry for the lazy fat slob English this will help curb the amount of Poms taking up space in the Thai emergency wards with there bad heart and diabetes and lazy fat slob Beer bar chang beer swirling related conditions . This Zumba fitness dance might motivate the old beer bar fat gutted average looking Pom to get off there bar stools or cane bar couch or get out of the dark seedy boyztown gogo bars where they are seen with underage kids .

  • popeye the sailorman

    what a joke they should be out POLICING not working out in Police time… they feel better (it says in report) to do their work if they do why is there all the crime still at a high??

    • sepha

      Crime at an all time high? Stats please?

      • The Groover

        Here’s a stat for you – people who post as guests are 10 times more likely to be talking out of their @rses than those with genuine accounts.

      • Sly

        My wallet got nicked on a flight to U-Tapao airport. The pilot said we were at 30,000 feet.

        • taff

          He’s known as the flight fingered pick-pocket.

        • amazingthailand

          So he fined you 30000 baht. Thats normal for a thai

  • Homebrew

    Perhaps I should learn the Zumba too. I would also like to feel feel fitter and better prepared while they take my cash in those shakedowns at the police checkpoints.

  • ken

    Perhaps the cops can take a course in effective policing instead of wasting time with this. We know after the Zumba session many cops were seen drinking changs and smoking cigarettes minimizing any gain they got from that little physical exercise session.

  • Ken Anderson

    ”Pattaya’s police chief has decided enough is enough of below par police work and so has laid out a plan to whip his boys into shape…..with weekly Zumba classes.”

    Well obviously, collection of tea money over recent times has fallen. Tourists and Pattaya residents alike had better watch out in the coming months.

  • private pile

    Performance on the streets or in bed with the mrs?

    Sod zumba get steve austin to set up a broken skull course on patts beach then invite the some big lads from bangkok hilton to take em on they will be definatly whipped into shape

  • Bahtbus

    Half of the CCTV’s in Pattaya don’t work, while the ones do work aren’t being monitored as the Thai police dance their butts off. Truly amazing stuff here!