District chief trots out the same old epithets as yet another “sex clean up” of Pattaya goes through the motions


District chief trots out the same old epithets as yet another “sex clean up” of Pattaya goes through the motions

Bang Lamung district chief Naris Niramaiwong joined an entourage of local police and soldiers parading through Pattaya on Tuesday.

According to the chief they were doing important work under government orders to clear up the illegal sex trade in karaoke shops, beer bars and soapy massage establishments or ap-op-nuat, reported Siam Chon News.

They were also on the lookout for illegal immigrants, illegal foreign workers and signs of human trafficking and other illegal activity.

Naris – who in February mounted a similar raid embarrassing a UK man caught with his trousers down in a short time room above a Go-Go establishment on Valentine’s Day – said it was part of improving tourism at the resort.

He also didn’t want the resort to be called “sex capital of the world” anymore, reported Siam Chon News.

The report of the party’s activities did not mention a single arrest or incident encountered by the group on their foray into the resort’s nightlife.

Source: Thai Visa

  • Guest

    Nothing like a nice family resort for relaxing holidays

    • Khun Falang

      Totally agree with you, lovely friendly place nothing seedy about it at all.

      • Bitcoin

        Pattaya= Sodom and Gomorrahville

        • Was going to say it’s more like The 120 Days of Sodom (or the School of Libertinage), but to be fair to the Marquis de Sade – and Pasolini – it’s actually more like Salò.

          • Bitcoin

            Salo (the film 1975) IS the 120 days of Sodom, DIR Pier Paolo Pasolini, very weird film indeed!

          • Guest

            Yeah, some of us actually read books and that film is nothing like the book, the film is produced for illiterate filthy hippies like you who can’t read. The book on the other hand, has four characters very similar to you and Grumble in their level of deviancy and child molestation.

      • Guest

        A role model family resort, custom made for high-class gentle tourists

  • ken

    Absolutes no illegal activity or sex trade in Pattya so why the need for clean up?

    • Bitcoin

      Hookers need a wash

      • popeye the sailorman

        gumble needs a wash too….needs his brain cleaning with trico then set the fumes alight

        • Bitcoin

          Drain cleaner is more effective, burn away his only braincell!

        • Guest

          You are like that confused teenager Shiny Fanny, cannot write a single comment without mentioning Gumble…

  • Bitcoin

    Looks like a scene from ” The Good The Bad and The Ugly ” i can hear the theme music now, as Clint Eastwood stands his ground as the Banditos enter shacksville

    • Roland Schwinn

      And you are the filthy dirty coward of a hippie Wallace who TUCO put on the train tracks to meet your maker

  • Ok now

    “sex clean up” = pay your “tea money” or else.

  • Tony Akhurst

    The bib could not find any criminal activities if it jumped out and bit them on the leg.


    Does the Thai government actually believe that Pattaya could survive as a regular tourist destination? The beaches are crap and the people in the area are thieves. There is no one defining thing that would make people want to go there. Without the sextrade it would be another deserted resort town.

    • amazingthailand

      And the sewerage is either inexistant either inadequate and the streets are dirty and unsecure and the trafic is hell and the police and army are unreliable. The only good thing is indeed this sexindustry

      • You’ve described every developing country that isn’t governed by archaic and fundamentalist principles of religious and ethical standards.

        •Inadequate infrastructure? Check.

        •Dirty and smelly? Check.

        •Horrendous traffic congestion? Check.

        •Rampant unabashed corruption? Yup.

        •Pretty teenagers you can bang for less than the price of breakfast? You’d hope so. For their sake.

        • Sir Charles Baht

          so your there loitering each night for teenagers there in Pattaya any wonder you fear being caught by the authorities and another good reason to boot out all the remaining English sick pedo f*cks

          • Guest

            Well there’s only one English sick pedo f*ck on this site and that’s you, so seeya – back to your stinking council estate to be terrorised by the locals who know you’re a sick pedo

          • Shancy Mancy

            i’ll stick my authority in your boot crumble, anytime any place anywhere x

    • Exactly what I was thinking.

      A long time ago, a friend who’s led a reasonably sheltered life, took his and his brother’a young families and their grandparents to Pattaya for a family vacation. Before the Internet was available to research destinations in detail, they were unaware of the main industry of the place, being a old a package holiday by a travel agent. Some of the stories they have from the first few days finding their bearings still make me laugh.

      After their long haul flight and transfer from DMK to Pattaya they headed out for a night cap and upon leaving their hotel the first place they came to was a dimly lit place on Third Rd somewhere, with a few male staff taking turns to sing and chatting to guests at their tables. They were dancing with some of the (almost exclusicely) female patrons.

      This went on for a couple of hours with them thinking it was a Thai tradition and harmless fun. It wasn’t until they came to pay the bill that they realised what it was – as the young Thai guys that had been sat chatting to them were surprised and disappointed not to be going home with their wives and grandmother 🙂

      I told my friend he missed a trick there – if they’d have stayed a little later, he’d probably have been propositioned by one of the girls coming to spend her tips and STs after the beer bars and go-gos closed.

      • Guest

        I kinda glazed over after the first 9 pages. Your posts are better when you’re succinct and to the point.

    • Guest

      No honey – No tourist money

  • Sir Charles Baht

    So it was a fat U.K man that brought shame and disrespect to Pattaya and gave it it’s unappealing image as a great family holiday destination . The typical disrespectful English at it again as i keep saying if they want to get serious about cleaning up Pattaya they should start by throwing out the remaining Farang Poms and Banning any entry into Thailand and revoke any remaining visas The Poms don’t contribute anything at all to tourism . This will make room for good clean well mannered and sober cashed up tourists .

    • Guest

      Well as your English yourself and a child molester as well, you would be first out the door if they did that.

      • Sir Charles Baht

        It’s only a matter of time you’ll be banged up with all your pedo pommy fat turd face looking buddies in Jail again just beats us all here how you got out in the first place

        • Shancy Mancy

          you’d love a few nights in jail getting bored out wouldnt you crumble you little eunuch x

        • popeye the sailorman

          GO book yourself into Klong Prom Prison in bkk
          for a very long time

    • Shancy Mancy

      i’ll never revoke your bumhole crumble, you little skeezy eunuch x

  • Ken Anderson

    This is just another lame ego boosting publicity stunt from a small minded individual, and a prelude to another tier of extortion and corruption.
    Yet another Thai who clearly thinks he can fool everyone, because for sure everyone else around the wider world is clearly even more stupid than he is.

    • Sir Charles Baht

      well then why do you leather head people of the wider world queue up at the airport busting your to fat Butts to get into Thailand , Hmmm ?

      • Shancy Mancy

        crumble enjoys men in leather while he’s being bumholed with his face in a trashcan, his little eunuch body cant get enough x

  • amazingthailand

    I always like the way these monkeys are showing of. It looks like a baboon parade with the 5 star general in the middle. The lower you’ranked the further you are positionned. So the only war act so far happened on valentine day disturbing the farang booming ricefarmersdaughter in windmill a gogo. Congratulations.

    • Sir Charles Baht

      You’ve gone to far this time slagging off at our cherished windmill agogo leave our Mans Heaven out of it

      • Shancy Mancy

        crumble enjoys being in man-heaven, a line up of guys behind him while he uses his bumhole as bait to catch them, i own that bumhole crumble dont you ever forget that x

      • amazingthailand

        Windmill: the most friendliest girls in pattaya

  • popeye the sailorman

    nothing to do with this …..where are the results of all the deaths and injuries from Song kran week and where are the BLUE RENTAL motorbikes and are baht taxis still going down soi bak hao

  • LondonChris

    I think we all know that if they seriously wanted to stop the sex trade in Pattaya it would involve closing all the ST hotels, 95% of all the bars 95% of all the massage parlours, beach road would have to have a 5pm curfew and several hotels and restaurants would also need to close. Oh well that’s Pattaya shut up completely then.

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