Waves prevent debut launch of Pattaya-Hua Hin ferry service

Pattaya - Hua Hin ferry Royal 1 on Saturday at Pattaya’s Bali Hai pier

More than 100 tourists were left stranded Sunday morning at a Pattaya pier when the maiden voyage of a ferry service to Hua Hin was called off due to big waves.

The tourists had already registered for what was to be a free opportunity to take the 100-minute trip on the Royal 1 ferry, but it was canceled at the last minute on its first day of the operation.

Read – Hua Hin-Pattaya ferry to start in Jan

Read – Pattaya-Hua Hin ferry service will start on January 1

Local marine official Ekkaraj Kantaro cited the sudden appearance of 4-meter high waves.

The disappointed tourists were treated to a less impressive destination instead: Ko Lan.

Tourists at Pattaya’s Bali Hai Pier on Sunday.
Tourists at Pattaya’s Bali Hai Pier on Sunday.

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  • paddy

    Hmmmm…..wrong kind of waves…I think I know where this is going…

    • aidf


    • kitadech

      like I said in previous comments this ferry service is/was doomed from the start just like the so called service in 2011

  • kitadech

    surely there are some records of sea conditions in the Gulf kept over many years….if there are some then they would indicate what kind kind of ferry would be required to sail in bad weather…..so it seems obvious that NO records were kept to work out the size of boat needed to sail in such conditions 4 mtr waves are not all that high

    • Captain Slovac

      How about a canoe or a rowing boat?

      • kitadech

        think your braindead

  • ken

    If a ferry travelling such distances in open seas is not capable of dealing with just 4m waves, clearly the craft is not fit for purpose.
    My initial instincts to steer well clear of this ferry, I feel are justified.

  • ken

    Always a good sign when the maiden voyage starts off in disaster. Expect more of the same as we go along as disaster reside in Thailand

  • OMGTEHL337M4573R

    You had one job…

    “Wait, what? Who said free? Tell them there’s waves or something and we’ll take them as far as that island.”

    How were the tourists left stranded if this was to be the ferry’s maiden voyage?

    • soidog

      Strand means shoreline/beach ,to be stranded means left on the beach?

    • Fred

      You big dummy, LOL!

  • soidog

    My jaded opinion is that the thought of doing something for nothing was too much to bear and waves are a convenient scapegoat.

  • updated please

    I suppose I ask too much for PattayaOne to report updates on whether this fiasco ever actually sails?

  • Sailor Jerry

    This boat would handle it but there would be a lot of sea sick passengers.
    And it would not be very enjoyable sitting at the ships bar plus everything loose would need to be lashed down.

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