Walking Street repaired after safety concerns

Walking Street repaired after safety concerns

Pattaya workers started the first major repairs on the Walking Street mammoth LED sign since it was installed nine years ago.

The big sign right at the start of the famous street has become a fan favourite over the years as the ideal photo opportunity for many of Pattaya’s tourists.

Maintenance chief Nikhom Lawan led the operation to replace rusted metal beams and pillars July 21 following complaints that the sign, topped with a giant LED advertising screen was in need of repair.

The modern sign replaced Walking Street’s signature arched sign in 2008. At the opposite end of the street, the original sign still remains.

The work team moved in swiftly on the morning and worked throughout the day, finishing just in time for the the night life scene to kick into action.

Nikhom said more repairs need to be done on lights and boards, but at least the screen-topped sign is safe again to walk under.
Source: Pattaya Mail
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