Unregulated tourist activities are threatening coral reefs in islands near Koh Pha-ngan

Unregulated tourist activities are threatening coral reefs in islands near Koh Pha-ngan

Coral reefs around Koh Ma or Ma Island in Koh Pha-ngan district of Surat Thani and Koh Mudsoom or Mudsoom Island in Koh Samui district of the same province are in danger of total destruction from careless tourists and tour operators.

On Sunday, troops from the 4th army region were sent to Mae Haad bay in Koh Pha-ngan district to investigate complaints some tour operators had taken a group of Chinese tourists in speed boats to Koh Ma to explore shallow-water coral reefs around the island.

The boats dropped anchor on the coral reefs and let their tourists to walk on the reefs without warning them that they could damage the corals.

Broken corals have been washed ashore on Mae Haad beach. Garbage littered by visiting tourists have also been reported scattering around Koh Ma.

Meanwhile in Koh Mudsoom, Mr Surapong Viriyanont, a tour operator in Koh Samui district, has lodged a complaint to the local media accusing an Italian businessman of bringing Quadski or amphibious jet ski from Koh Samui to Koh Mudsoom which is rich with coral reefs.

He alleged that the Quadski was put into rental service without prior permission from authorities concerned and the vehicle could endanger corals around the island.

Source: PBS

  • ken

    The tour operators are Thai, these baboons always blame foreigners for their woes and never themselves. This entire wasteland is being threaten by its brain-dead baboons occupants and will soon be known as the country of oblivion.

    • dublin86

      I’m afraid to say I think you could be proved right. These natural resources need protecting and proper policing which as we know, will never happen. They will only do something about it when it is too late and when the money dries up, until then they won’t pay it any attention.

  • Homebrew

    The numerous Thai coastal fishing villages that I saw disposing their refuse directly into the sea just a few km from pristine areas have nothing to do with the deteriorating health of the reef there?
    Sorry for the repost of this photo, but it makes me angry they are ignoring the real issue, and blaming tourists for their problems.

  • Three Lions

    Among the things that Tourists visit Thailand for, street food culture, the nature etc , are slowly being dismantled changed removed or slowly destroyed, when the coral reefs are all gone or crumbling sunbleached messes then say goodbye to the diving tourism industry, it has to be a top priority to protect the nature and preserve the coral reefs and Islands.

  • Tony Akhurst

    What do you expect when they let loose those smelly Chinese tourists stamp and spit everywhere.
    And the tour operators are as bad.

  • Ken Anderson

    They will end up just like the coral around the Pattaya islands has been for many years.
    Dead, severely damaged, littered or simply destroyed into oblivion.
    This is yet another prime example of Thai greed and stupidity at it’s very best. When these clowns have eventually destroyed everything including their own livelihoods in their quest for wealth, they will all sit bemoaning the tourists rather than admit their own short sightedness and greed are the real problem.

  • Chris

    Ahh more ‘quality’ Chinese tourists! China is not at all concerned about ecology, look how rhinos and tigers are poached for the Chinese medicine market and where does most of the worlds poached ivory end up? China! How about Chinas stance on climate change……Oh that’s right they don’t believe it is happening.

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