Under Age Girls offered for Sex


Thai Woman arrested after police find under age girls offering sex

Region 2 Police used the services of a foreign ‘spy’ to catch a Thai woman red handed offering underage girls for sex.

The Lanna Massage shop in Soi Chalerm Prakiat 25, Banglamung, looked to be one of your traditional Thai massage shops, but on entering, the owner was more than happy to supply girls for extra curricular activities.

Any customers who wanted and extras would simply ask the manageress Benjamas Faesungnern, aged 43. She would then find a girl specific to the customers needs.

After hearing several reports, Region 2 police felt the need to act quickly, and sought the help of an undercover foreign agent. They armed him with 1,500 baht, and as he entered the shop, sure enough he was greeted by the manageress, who asked what he was looking for. He had been told specifically to ask for an underage girl, and within minutes, Miss Faesungnern had brought out a 14 year old Thai girl, and sent them on their way to an upstairs room.

This was the cue for police to make their way inside the shop and arrest the Miss Faesungnern on the spot.

She admitted everything and was charged with five offences including human trafficking and luring and offering minors for sex. She also didn’t have a license to operate the massage business.

She is now in the hands of Pattaya police waiting for prosecution.

The 14 year old was taken into the care of welfare agencies as efforts were made to find her relatives.

  • Ken Anderson

    Once Pratamnak Hill Ho M o has read this I suppose he will be rushing off to visit this place.
    Only thing, he will have to make his way along Soi Buakhow on foot now the Songthaews are banned.

    • Jack La Motta

      hahahahahaha LMFAO 😀

  • Patamnak Hill Hobo

    The site hate Thai people monger Ken claims he doesn’t drink or visit Soi Buakhow at night just loitets and lurks there through the day for his underage bars .

    • soidog

      Ken does not espouse hatred for Thai people,he takes a circumspect view in accordance with his particular experience. A cynical, negative disparaging opinion is a statement of fact as he sees it,hatred is something else.

      • Jack La Motta

        Love to hear Ken slagging off people he hates, that must be a sight to behold!

        • Deadhorse.

          For Ken that would be a “fool” time job.

      • Patamnak Hill Hobo

        Dress it up as much as you Ken is nothing more then some bitter old angry washed up farang playing out his own failed experiences in Thailand because of that he blames Thai people and there culture as it shows quite clearly

  • Jack La Motta

    I wonder who that Foreign Spy was? that fat guy from North Korea?

    • Deadhorse.

      He looks a ” dead ringer”

  • Mike Murphy

    like this does not go on up country in thai only venues

  • amazingthailand

    This time it was thairicefarmersgranddaughter hahahaha

    • Darius

      Really funny laughing whilst underage girls are raped most will be trafficked if it happened in England it would be news headlines the people behind it need a 25 year sentence and banned from being nesr young people

      • amazingthailand

        Homeland from 16 years on you get the sexual majority

      • Andrew Cole

        Actually in England the authorities will bury the story because they are afraid of being accused of racism. 1,300 under aged girls in Rotheram – just ONE example.

      • paulk

        You’re joking right? It DID happen in England just a couple years ago and it was a trafficking ring of 1300 girls. And nothing happened, because that would be anti-Islamic.

  • amazingthailand

    I volunteer for next control

  • Anyone else end up here thinking they were clicking a banner ad?

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