U-Tapao International Airport expansion a business driver for Pattaya

Futuristic Design of Coastal Airport

The expansion of U-Tapao Airport in Rayong is excellent news for businesses that are operating on the Eastern Seaboard. As more and more flights come into the airport from overseas it will make doing business at the large industrial estates in the area even easier by reducing travelling times to the area.

A present, it takes in the region of two hours to travel from Suvarnabhumi Airport to industrial estates such as Amata City and Hemaraj’s Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate. Any reduction in this would be excellent, especially for those businesses looking to expand or even move some or all of their operations to Thailand. Reduced travelling times will encourage businesses to move to areas away the capital Bangkok and into less congested areas – making them more accessible for all.

render of U-Tapao International Airport terminal

Some business leaders have already commented that the news is a fantastic development and will really aid business within the ASEAN community. This once again strengthens Thailand’s position within the community and allays some of those fears that businesses may be tempted to move to neighbouring countries to benefit from cheaper labour costs. However these countries certainly do not have the infrastructure that Thailand already has in place so it appears that the Kingdom’s position remains strong.

Of course this news is not only good for the big businesses on the industrial estates, the knock on effect will also be massive. If, as expected, the industrial estates grow in size this will obvious mean that more people are employed. These people will need places to live, places to eat and places to shop. This will mean that the money generated by the industrial estates will filter down into the local economy.

One of the places that could benefit most from the success of the local industrial estates is Pattaya. Many expats who are already working on these estates choose Pattaya as their home mainly due to the convenience, the relaxed way of life and of course because everything is already to set up to cater for expats. It seems perfectly fair to assume that this trend will follow suit with any new expats who are employed on the Eastern Seaboard.

Pattaya can once again prepare itself for another large influx of visitors coming in the next few months and years. Having already benefited from an increasing number of tourists in part due to the expansion of the airport, it can now prepare for a batch of new expats moving to the area who are looking to make Pattaya their home. The area certainly seems to have the Midas touch at the present time and there seems little to stop this abating.

  • Larry

    This area and Pattaya have a great future this is great news more jobs and money flowing into the local economy its good to be a expat here glad I chose Pattaya terrific place to be and a good life style.

    • Tony Akhurst

      I agree but for all the scams gold / bag snatchings / corruption pattaya is a good place to stay.

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      Can I have some of what you are smoking.

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    Great a long overdue Airport expansion, now i can escape from this dump even quicker.

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      You must be a sucker for punishment you have no time for the place but still continue to live here Ken.

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    The first main photo is of Marina Bay Sands hotel and harbour are they expecting U T’apao airport to look like this??