Tourist Police share the love on Valentine’s Day


Tourist police show the love by giving away homemade brownies

On February 14th, Valentine’s day of course, the Pattaya Tourist police that are stationed opposite Soi 13/1 every night showed a bit of love by giving away some homemade brownies to both tourists and locals in the area.

The night started off fairly quietly, but word soon got around and a bit of a queue started forming around the tourist police desks. Fortunately though, it was not a queue of people waiting to report incidents of crime, but it was for the brownies which by all accounts, tasted pretty good. Unfortunately by the time I got down to beach road, there were none left for me to try, so I can’t comment on the taste.

Speaking to a female police officer on duty at the time, she told me that she had come up with the idea to give something back to the Pattaya community. Over 1,000 pieces of brownie in total were given away, and there were happy faces all around.

The police on duty were more than happy to have their pictures taken with many of the tourists and locals too, as you can see below.

  • Ken Anderson

    Always beware of a Thai who approaches you smiling or bearing gifts.
    For sure there will be an ulterior motive.

    • soidog

      Conversely I was quite taken aback when my BG presented me with a new smaller pillow as the ones on my bed were too big and hard,even more surprised when six months later when I came back she turned up with the pillow.To be considered as a sentient creature worthy of consideration and forethought by her was quite a shock.

      • Ken Anderson

        Yes, but things are not always exactly as they would appear. These Rice farmers daughters are now very well tutored in the art of deception, by several generations of older women in their family, scamming deluded old fools has become part of their DNA.
        I assume in some way she is gaining financially from your ‘relationship’?

  • Patamnak Hill Hobo

    Beware of Greeks bearing gifts . Great movie that but I’ve never seen anything free for farang in Thailand except one day at M.B.K in Bangkok i gotta free promotional pen.

  • Deadhorse.

    How is it that the tourist police can share the love but 62 year man not allowed to in short time room?.

  • ken

    Watch how many people fail the urine test tonight because of those brownies and the contents there in. Never talk to a Thai Cop who is smiling at you, run the other direction.

  • amazingthailand

    in the meantime the collègues recover tea money in windmill a gogo impeaching 62 year old pommy to enjoy happy valentine. sorry happy ending

  • soidog

    When that lady minister wants sex tourism gone and people coming to LOS for the culture I wonder why they are celebrating a Roman priest’s martyrdom? apart from the money that is…

  • le chef

    when it said tourist police i was expecting to see farangs