Thailand’s 18 Different Sexualities Explained


Sexualities are commonly mistaken in Thailand so here is the “low down”

Thailand is rife with diverse sexualities. If you think there are only “straights,” “toms,” “dees,” “gay kings” and “gay queens,” you’re behind the times on sexuality in the Land of Smiles.

Japanese Twitter users have been discussing this colorful chart of Thai sexuality types, which is pretty eye-opening. According to a translation, the list includes 18 possibilities, some of which are known by only a small number of Thais.

This sexuality appendix has been circulating on Thai social networks for some time, so we’d like to provide our own translation based on information posted on Pantip.

Straight Male – A man who likes women.

Straight Female – A woman who likes men.

Lesbian – A woman who likes women.

Kathoey/Ladyboy – A man who identifies and presents as a woman, may be partway through transitioning or have no plans to transition.

Gay King – A gay man who takes the “top” role during sex.

Gay Queen – A gay man who takes the “bottom,” or receiving, role during sex.

Tom – A woman with a masculine identity. They’re commonly paired up with Dees, but they’re also attracted to straight women.

Dee – A woman with feminine identity, who likes manly women, or Toms.

Tom Gay – A Tom who like Dees, straight women and other Toms.

Tom Gay King – A Tom who likes other Toms and takes the “top” role during sex.

Tom Gay Queen – A Tom who likes Toms and takes the “bottom,” or receiving, role during sex.

Tom Gay Two-Way – A Tom who can be both a Tom Gay King or Tom Gay Queen.

Boat – A man who likes women, Gay Kings, and Gay Queens, but does not date Ladyboys.

Byte – A woman who likes Toms, Lesbians, and straight men.

Adam – A man who likes Toms.

Angie – A Kathoey/ Ladyboy who likes Toms.

Cherry – A woman who likes gay men and Kathoey.

Samyan – A woman who likes Toms, lesbians, and straight women, and can also switch to any of the mentioned roles.

So there you have it, no more confusion, right?

Credit: Bangkok Coconuts

  • Ken

    Reading this you might be forgiven for thinking that normal people are the minority. What the article doesn’t make clear is that 98% of Thais are straight males or straight females, just like everyone else in the World.

    • Jack La Motta

      98% find that hard to believe hahaha

    • le chef

      its 100% people in the rest of the world as there 2% are all in Pattaya

    • le chef

      its a wonder there isnt a designated lane for walking backwards

    • le chef

      its 100% people in the rest of the world as their 2% are all in Pattaya

  • taff

    I think I would class myself as Tom Thumb, being a Carpenter I was always sucking the little fxxker after hitting it with my hammer.

    • Jack La Motta


    • Jack La Motta

      Just dont wear any ” Tom Foolery” if you go for a short time 😀

  • isnt any wonder then why the country is so fokked up!

  • amazingthailand

    Thai people dont care the name the only thing they care about is to s*ck farangs income whatever the sexual type they have to chose

    • Patamnak Hill Hobo

      Obviously a victim of a bad bar girl bar fine that particular beer bar night out

    • Sam

      good career position for any of us, they just got the lucky straw is all.

  • Jack La Motta

    So if you go for a short time ,you get a Menu now? O_o

  • Ok now

    well they can do what they like and call it whatever they like ???……………. but evolutionary biology you will always require a male and a female of the species to continue evolution.

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