Suvarnabhumi disputes ‘world’s 9th worst airport’ rank

Suvarnabhumi disputes ‘world’s 9th worst airport’ rank
After being ranked as the world’s ninth worst airport by website, Suvarnabhumi Airport is disputing the data used to justify its low score.
In a statement published on its Facebook page, Suvarnabhumi Airport said it welcomes all criticism that can be used as input for further development of the service standard to be on par with other leading airports.
It said the website, which conducted the survey from December 2016 to March 2017, did not clarify how the scores were calculated in its three criteria — on-time performance, quality and service, and passenger sentiment.
Suvarnabhumi airport said it had never given any information to the website regarding on-time performance but Flight Stat, which collects real-time flight data, reported in May that Suvarnabhumi airport ranked thirteenth for its on-time performance in the category of global hub departure performance.
Suvarnabhumi airport said the reference to Skytrax in the “quality and service” score could not be verified. The airport said that it was ranked the tenth best airport in the world among airports serving more than 40 million passengers per year in 2016 by Airport Council International (ACI), an organisation recognised in the global aviation industry.
Besides, the airport said, Mumbai and Delhi — which the website also ranked among the worst 10 airports — were ranked among the world’s top five airports in the same category as Suvarnabhumi by the ACI in 2016.
The statement also questioned why the website did not recognise several other airports that have received high rankings from the ACI — particularly South Korea’s Incheon airport, which topped the list for several years; Narita and Kansai airports in Japan; and Dallas–Fort Worth Intenational, Phoenix Sky Harbour and Portland International airports in the US.
Regarding passenger sentiment, Suvarnabhumi airport said that the website based its scores only from English language tweets processed through its own analysis tool, and the information had not been supported by any respected organisation.
The airhelp website ranked 76 airports across the globe and Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi airport was ranked at 68, scoring 6.3 points out of 10.

Source: Bangkok Post

  • ken

    I agree with Suvarnabhumi, they are not the 9th worst airport in the world, they are the worst. Imagine arriving at this airport and having to walk more than a mile to get to the immigration queue only to be met by a group of lazy nonchalant officers who move at extreme deliberate speed to process passengers through. Departure is no easy task either as once you pass though immigration the walk to the gate can be a hike. The walking is no task for me but when my mum comes to visit she has the time of her life with the walking to and from the gates.

    • Guest

      See the glass half full for once Ken, as you have been posting on this website for months now, soon you will leave Thailand so you won’t have to fly to/from the worst airport in the entire World…

      • Charles Baht Esquire.

        This whinging old miserable guts pom would even complain if a free large Chang beer fell from heaven on his head .

        • taff

          I would complain as well, especially if it was empty.

    • Three Lions

      Walking is healthy, the Junta are trying to promote excercise 🙂

  • alex barclay

    Certainly one of the worst for time (sometimes an hour in the queue) and for discomfort at both immigration and emigration (especially the crush at emigration when people realise they will miss their flight). I would love to shop within the airport after emigration but rarely enough time after shuffling in a queue for an hour. I advise others to avoid Suvarnabhumi if possible.

    • Guest

      What would you like to shop for? Apart some alcohol, perfume and smokes (that you can buy within 15 minutes if you know what brands to take) I cannot think of anything that you cannot find in Bangkok at a better price in the airport shops.

      • alex barclay

        I must get there an hour earlier to find out.

    • Mr Infidel


      • alex barclay

        I take it you disagree. My average wait time at immigration/emigration over the last 3 years is 40 minutes. How long have you had to wait?

  • Sara Barry

    If flying to Thailand on an international flight, your choice of airports is limited and what is the rating for DM airport or did they even qualify for a rating? I would be more concerned with the airline and airplane than the airport.

  • Jay Kelly

    From my extensive travels BKK airport is one of my best experiences. Like all airports it has its pros and cons. Everyone rates these differently. For me its speed of taxing and speed of luggage collection along with on time departure. Every trip to and from BKK ( about 10 in total) has been without fail. Its cons would be distance between gates, it can be a long walk. Immigration can be slow at times but that is down to poor staffing. Ive been lucky and been first in the queue before and the whole experience was super fast. Staff are always friendly and helpful. I guess without knowing the criteria for the rank its hard to say.

    • Rob

      Same here. Munich airport (MUC) is second in the world and it is a rat hole compared to BKK. And in MUC baggage collection is very, very slow. More than once I waited one hour for small inbound flights taking one hour or less.
      I guess the ranking was compiled by one person… To be honest the Airhelp website seems to belong to a small startup, not something to really trust, in my opinion.

    • Sly

      Totally agree. As a frequent traveller my main rating of an airport is how quick and smoothly I can get in an out as well as connections moving on. Apart from that they just need a few food stalls and clean toilets both of which exist. The ones that seem to rate well are full of crap duty free where cheap Charlie shoppers get in your way on the way to your flight and then proceed to overfill the overhead lockers with their assorted crap.

  • amazingthailand

    this Airport is for me 1 of the best worldwide. its clean; open; baggage collection is efficient; the gates are easy to acces; the foodstalls are good with great variatey although a little bit expensive. the only negative point is the too slow immigration process as well for entering as leaving the country.

  • le chef

    I think the airport is doable – now Dubai which I will have to navigate thru again when going back in a couple of months is infinitely worse, not pleasant at all. Perhaps someone should rank the ranking sites ?

    • Rice farmer’s Daughter

      Agree. Dubai is a lot worse. Ditto Emirates Airline. Have flown to BKK through Narita on JAL, Inchon on KAL and Beijing on China AL and BKK ranks with the

    • Three Lions

      Yeah Dubai airport with Fake Palm trees everywhere

    • amazingthailand

      Abu dhabi same sh*t as dubai

  • Ken Anderson

    I would dispute that claim myself. I would say it is far worse than that! It is the only international airport I have ever been to and been subject to a failed scam attempt from corrupt immigration officials.
    Prices of everything at the airport have rocketed over recent years and are now comparable or even more than most international airports around the world.
    But in True Thai fashion, they will charge first world prices and more, but still provide third world service.

  • Jon G

    Immigration is the only issue I have. Especially when departing, the lines are ALWAYS over an hour long.

  • Cammybhoy

    At least they stopped taking the 500b of you when they moved to new airport Will this report count as loosing face? Will some poor old guy need to get beat up

  • Wolf

    I personally like the airport. It’s much better than New York (JFK) or London City (LCY) for sure. Probably better than Amsterdam Schiphol as well, though not as well connected. I would say it’s about equal to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport which I also think has a nice experience. I like the shops as well, though like on every airport, everything is vastly overpriced.

  • JJ (not the one in the photo)

    A recent IATA report concerning the Aviation Sector in Thailand makes interesting reading.

  • Chris Snell

    The biggest thing i found was how long it took to get to passport control seemed like it was miles away but then again it could be just were our gate was ,leaving was easy and staff friendly when i arrived i saw people running to get to passport control but i walked at a casual pace and when i got there i had 1 person in front of me so it was easy as picked up bag walked through customs cant complain .

  • Chris

    Immigration queues both in and out are ridiculous, immigration when arriving is miles from ANY gates.

  • Bahtbus

    Well, it is more a shopping center than an airport. That said, it really is a confusing airport to find your way through. Though, I hear it is a good place to commit suicide when you realize you don’t have enough money for the flight home.