Submit your Finger Print


The latest whispers coming out of the National Broadcasting & Telecommunication Commission, or NBTC for short, are that from February next year, anyone wanting to purchase a Thai sim card will need to submit a finger print first. This includes both pre-paid and post-paid sim cards.

The idea is that it will provide more protection for customers using their smartphones for Internet banking and mobile transactions.

The new system is not compulsory to existing mobile users however, the NBTC has urged all existing users to add their fingerprints to the new identification system for the benefit of their own security.

Supposedly, there has been a big increase in fraud over the last few years, which has sparked the new system to be introduced.

With the population of Thailand currently just below the 70 Million mark, there are a reported 103 Million existing mobile subscibers, with around 14 million of those using mobile banking.

So how about that, good idea?


  • Tony Akhurst

    Big brother is watching you

    • Luke

      finger printing you

  • Sam

    If checks are anything like Thailand’s DNA service you could find yourself charged with a crime you did not commit.

  • Luke

    Interesting pic, now i know what all those squigly lines on my digits are called 😀

  • Luke

    well if you believe Mission Impossible you will see that copying fingerprints or somehow cloning them is possible, or you could possibly kill someone log into their account using their finger, and access their money?

    • Ken

      Something like this would almost certainly cause a spike in the number of ‘suicides’ of foreign nationals that are romantically involved with a rice farmers daughter.

      • Luke

        I hope Rice Farmers Daughters did´nt read my post, there could be a spike in Fingerless flying Farangs this Season!

        • Ken

          Yes indeed. When a scumbag Thai criminal steals a smartphone from a tourist, it would just become standard practice to cut off their index finger at the same time.

          • Luke

            I use my Stink Finger to verify my identity with NASA

      • Luke

        As they say in Pattaya, no Money no Honey

  • Charles Baht Esquire.

    This has gone too far now what are they do worried about Ken is only worried about been identified when he calls his Horny gay chat live talk lines

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