Sri Lankan Kidnaps and Forces 20 year old into Pattaya Prostitution


On November 11 Pattaya police received information about a twenty-year old Sri Lankan who had been kidnapped, taken to Pattaya and forced into prostitution.

On questioning the victim, who has not been named, claimed thirty-four year old Mr Harsha Kumara and Mr Madura Thusara, who is twenty-six, offered to take her to the United Arab Emirates where they had a job for her.

Instead she found herself in Bangkok, followed by Pattaya on October 30, where she had her passport taken away and was forced to sell sex to five or six customers every day.

On November 11 she managed to tell another person what had happened and the police were called.

Both men have denied the charges and one of them insisted he is married to the victim.

However, investigating officers have found evidence of money payments for sexual services and the pair have been detained for further questioning.

Report by Pattaya One News Team