Singaporean Nationals now free to use Auto-Gate at Suvarnabhumi airport


Singaporean Nationals now free to use Auto-Gate at Suvarnabhumi airport

On Saturday August 28th, a ceremony was held at Suvarnabhumi airport for the opening of an automatic gate for Singapore nationals, with an intention of reducing immigration congestion at the airport.

The ceremony was attended by Pol Lt Gen Natthathorn Prousoontorn, the Immigration Bureau commissioner, Chatri Archjananun, director-general of the Consular Affairs Department, and Pol Maj Gen Sithichai Lokanpai, commander of the Immigration Police Division 2.

Pol Lt Gen Natthathorn said the opening of the auto-gate, or automatic passport screening system,  followed a joint consultation between the Immigration Bureau and the Foreign Ministry’s Consular Affairs Department, Thongchai Chasawath, the Thai ambassador to Singapore, and Clarence Yeo, commander of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore in responding to the Thai government’s Thailand 4.0 and security policy.

In the first stage, the auto-gate will be opened at Suvarnabhumi airport for Singapore as the first country.  In return, Singapore will also open an auto- gate for Thai nationals.

The auto-gate is designed to record data of passengers, photographs and fingerprints of passengers to be used to verify their identities in the next trips.  It is also linked to the advance passenger processing system (APPS) of airlines.

The auto gate will be operated on a trial run at the Suvarnabhumi airport.  After that the service will be expanded to other international airports in the country such as Don Mueang, Phuket and U-tapao.

Other countries will also be allowed to apply for the service.  The applicants will be considered on a country-by-country basis, with the priority to be given to countries with a high tourism potential and a large number of travellers to Thailand.

Security is also a factor to be taken for consideration.

Source: PBS

  • soidog

    Is the gate a portal to the time and space continuum? and the 28th aint even a Saturday.

    • taff

      It’s just like the quick check out at Tesco.

    • Sly

      Finally proof that the country is in a parallel universe.

  • ken

    The UK has “a high tourism potential and a large number of travellers to Thailand” so we should be able to use to service immediately. Unlike some of these other countries who come here to bargain and create problems. We are also one of the most law abiding and most affluent countries in the world so we do benefit the Thai economy substantially. Sad that I have to be explaining this to these monkeys.

    • Charles Baht Esquire.

      You fat drunkard poms can’t be trusted to use the auto gates first and going by your unruly , lawless, disrespectful and drunkard past here I’m sure the UK will be last to use the express gates . I’m sure they just made a honest mistake and will make a announcement soon naming America the first privileged country to use the express auto gates .

  • Ken Anderson

    For sure this has disaster written all over it, this latest scheme will degenerate into the usual Thai debacle, closely followed by yet more scams and corruption.

    • Joe Strummer

      Why? Programs like this are used by many countries for trusted travelers even in dirty shire it exist. Not everything is bound to fail like you want them to in Thailand.

  • amazingthailand

    a lt general a major general and the other minister and usual clowns clowns will garantee a total failure of that system. i bet that the auto-gate will even be more congested than the current ones experiencing the incapacity of the natives to organise anything correctly.

    • soidog

      If all goes like normal it wont be long before ‘gate no working’

  • amazingthailand

    they should first implement this for the real western tourists. but unfortunately without any reciprocity. we already have enough foreign waste such as m uslims middle eastern balcanies africans etc in homeland

  • paulk

    Yay globalism. Soon there’ll be an ASEAN Schengen zone… a single currency… an unelected bureaucracy… a few debt crises… and then Goldman Sachs will install a few leaders.

    Seen this movie before.

    Nice shiny new airport machines though.

  • Sly

    If you’re in a rush don’t join the queue where banana trees are growing.

  • Bahtbus

    Soon, you will have to purchase travel insurance through these machines.

    • Charles Baht Esquire.

      no thanks to you Irresponsible old drunkard heart attack victim poms that pass out at your cheap charlie beer chang beer bars and fill up the emergency wards not to mention you English goons swan diving off tall building and balconies with a running leap and your latest contribution a few weeks ago falling off waterfalls and water ways due to your drunken state .