Security guard beats woman colleague – but no man lifts a finger to help


Security guard attacks woman but no one came to help her

A video on Facebook has caused netizens to condemn a man who attacked a woman – and the other men who failed to help her.

All those involved are working in Sri Racha – reported that the incident revolves around a disagreement between security guards.

But rather than take out his anger and frustration on the man involved the security guard in the video attacks his colleague’s girlfriend who also works there.

He strides up from behind and in a cowardly manner whacks her over the head. She tries her best to fight back but he kicks her and gives her an uppercut

Then he strides away – happy with his work.

Online commenters said not only was it disgusting that he had attacked a woman but it was equally disgraceful that none of the other men in the vicinity tried to help her.

The matter has now been reported to police and is being investigated.

Source: Sanook

  • Ken Anderson

    Thai man!!
    They will never attack another man all on their own, that has the potential to lose the fight and eventually lose face.
    Pick on the easy target instead, he will be so proud of himself, that showed her didn’t it.

    • Sexy Soi Six

      The broads want Equal rights these days so this the consequence ya dumb disgruntled pommy turd

      • Tony Akhurst

        Yes but it does not give the guys a reason to bash 7 bells of s##t out of the girls.

        • Sexy Soi Six

          That’s price you pay

          • Seviyor Beni

            For being a girl?

          • Sexy Soi Six


  • Sexy Soi Six

    Of course no man around helped her, they would all have done the same thing as this typical cowardly Thai male.

    • Sexy Soi Six

      My profile stalker

  • Jack La Motta

    This puny coward needs a good kicking, stick his face on his head then he wont lose it!

  • ken

    Quite normal activity from cowards in this wasteland and quiet normal reaction from the other idiots who observe it.

  • amazingthailand

    typical thai culture

  • Mike Murphy

    not enough thai men there to jump in

  • soidog

    If she had the temerity to reason logically with the baboon his default setting is activated.

  • amazingthailand

    Arabs say you always have to beat the woman if you dont know why she knows

    • Sexy Soi Six

      Well the Arabs are right about that, the world would be much better without women

  • amazingthailand

    All the wifes are hoors except my mom thats not what my dad says. Hahaha

    • Sexy Soi Six

      You don’t know your dad well your real Dad

  • joe

    I tried to help a Thai women being beaten by a coward Thai man .
    He turned on me so now I just walk away .
    They are savages .

    I believe evaluation skipped Thailand.
    I did not come to Thailand to die by a scum bag dirty skinny lazy Thai man.

    The cops should start doing there job with these senseless beatings by these scumbag so called men.

    • Sexy Soi Six

      Remember The American Bob bar story a while back here he tried to break up a Thai man from beating his Bar staff girlfriend well American Bob ended up getting beat’en to pulp by other Thai guys for trying to helping the girl. Sometimes you just can’t between a man and his meat .

  • Lt.farlang

    another brave thai man who wants not to loose his precious face, is his face saved now ?

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