Russian tourist kills fellow countryman in Jomtien


A Russian motorist hits and kills a pedestrian making a video call on his phone opposite The Now Hotel on Jomtien Beach road this morning.

The victim is also thought to be Russian but has not yet been identified.

An opened can of beer and a bottle of spirits was found in the Russian motorist’s car.

Siamchon News included a video of the aftermath of the accident saying that the Russian driver made no attempt to flee. He had even gone up to the corpse and cried.

Police were called at 3am following the accident. Foundation medics from Sawang Boriboon Pattaya found the lifeless body of a 25-30 year old man under the wheel of a tour bus belonging to Kaset Bundit University.

The bus was stationary. The victim had been hit by a white Chevrolet Cruze driven by 35 year old Nikolajs Latvigas.

In the video he is heard to say in Thai that he did not see the pedestrian. A Thai person confirms, “You didn’t see him walking?” to
which he agrees he had not.

An eye witness called Ratasaet Saewee, 29, who was with friends nearby said that he had seen the subsequent victim walking along making a video call on his phone but thought nothing of it. He was then hit by the Chrevrolet and ended up being thrown under the wheel of the tour bus that was parked.

An open can of beer was seen on the video in the car and police also said there was a bottle of spirits. The driver was given an alcohol breath test but no result was reported.

Siamchon News said that following the accident the Russian driver made no attempt to flee. Instead he parked and went up to the corpse, bent down and began to cry.

Police are trying to locate the relatives of the victim who had no ID with him. They believe he could be a Russian national from his

Source: Siamchon News

  • Jack La Motta

    No ID? always carry a photocopy of your passport and driving license! tragic thing to happen to a guy on Holiday, the most likely boozed up Russian will have Hell to pay here, not to mention a death on his Conscience for the rest of eternity! another waste of life R.I.P.

  • Ken Anderson

    ”The driver was given an alcohol breath test but no result was reported.”

    I bet that worked out expensive?

  • ken

    Other than the Indians the Russians stay in the news in Thailand and it mostly bad. Perhaps this wasteland is not the place for them to be.

  • soidog

    I suppose that if the driver was Thai and had stopped (unlikely) a small fine would suffice in reparation.I wonder what Ivan will get.

  • popeye the sailorman

    can someone exlain this report so that i can understand it !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jack La Motta

      A Russian guy with a Baltic states name hits a guy who apparently looks Russian and kills him, the guys body lands next to a bus, the drivers car was full of booze but the breathalyser test result is not yet reported

    • Sexy Soi Six

      What you can’t even read and comprehend . Go get a jack and the bean stalk talking book then ya silly old dumb as dog sh*t fool

      • popeye the sailorman

        ***k you areshole

        • Sexy Soi Six

          So i take it you don’t deny it then going by this display of anger at me

          • popeye the sailorman

            arsehole i can read perfectly……… is the way the report reads………..go read it your effing self then you should understand what I am trying to say….dumbo

          • Sexy Soi Six

            I understand if your’re a bit dimwited and A bit on the slow side but in time you will improve if you see a literacy practitioner

          • popeye the sailorman

            why dont you go play on sukhumvit road for ten minutes

          • Sexy Soi Six

            You went all out on that one didn’t you butter balls

  • amazingthailand

    They believe he could be a Russian national from his
    i didnt new russians have specific appearances soo many origins populate that country. if the poor guy had caucasian looks he could have a multitude of european western nationalities. poor journalism

    • Jack La Motta

      Russians and Slavic people in general do have a distinctive appearance and they ARE classed as white/Caucasian,there are many Ethnic groups in the Russian federation but Ethnic Russian Slavs are the majority,but the drivers name was not Russian, it originates from one of the 3 Baltic States, Latvia ,Lithuania, or Estonia.

      • Frank Baresi

        i’m not to sure i’d agree that the Russian female’s have a distinctive appearance but the Russians male’s certainly do,it’s all to do with the shape of their heads.
        Legend has it that every baby boy who popped out of mummys hole was immediately smashed on the back of his head with a spade and this is the reason for their ‘blockheads’.

      • Jaanis Kuld

        Actually Latvian namepicture for local (Latvian) russian – fact.

        • Jack La Motta

          Sorry, i dont understand, what is your point?

  • Tony Akhurst

    No results from the alcohol breath test sums up the bib capabilities.

    • Jack La Motta

      The Breathalyser had no batteries

  • le chef

    ‘ no ID ‘ i would have thought the phone could identify him especially if he had a thai sim

    • Jack La Motta

      Just get a translator to call any of his contact numbers, do a geo search on his last cellphone movements should locate where he stays, take fingerprints and DNA from the phone and send them to Interpol, google the pics on his phone, access his social media/ facebook account

      • Sexy Soi Six

        You watch to many KGB spy movies about time you got off your big fat barge asz and edventure out off your view talay balcony and experienced real life and that doesn’t include your afternoon cheap charlie beer bar happy hour beer swirling visits .

        • Jack La Motta


      • le chef

        yep – just take it to tukcom

  • Sexy Soi Six

    That could have been me skittled by that irresponsible no good drunkard no respect for the law potato head Russian and I know you red necks would have missed me greatly so from now on I’m gonna look left and right and not make videos when walking about what the hell would you expect walking about making phone video .