Russian tourist killed in Pattaya, crushed by tour bus


A Russian tourist has been killed at the Dolphin Roundabout in Pattaya after his motorcycle was involved in a collision with a tour bus.

Witnesses said that Mr Sergei Sugadaev was riding along Naklua Road on the left hand side of a coach owned by S.C Somchai Service Co Ltd when the driver took a sudden and sharp left hand turn into Soi 29/1.

Mr Sugadaev was unable to brake in time and was knocked off and then run over by the rear wheels of the couch.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, by medics, of head injuries and his body taken to Banglamung Mortuary.

The tour bus driver has been arrested and is being questioned in advance of potential criminal charges.

Report shared by Pattaya One News Team

  • Dannyboy666

    They always keep going, waiting for the Bumps of a Victim body and then stop, he probably cut him off , like all the Somchais do, thinking it’s a bus and you will stop for it

    • Seviyor Beni

      I really do not agree with any of these posts blaming the bus driver. How could he even know if this bike was there? You can not drive in someone’s blind spot for very long. Get by the bus. Do not just putter around and look at the sites. You are on a small bike. The Russian was an idiot.

      • Tony Akhurst

        OK I GET IT it was the Russians fault but you must understand that driving near a bus/coach/baht bus will cost you your life There should be a warning sticker put all around these veichles resding STAY CLEAR.

  • asianron

    It used to be a roundabout but now its just a junction where he who hesitates does not get home in time, despite the BiB being sometimes present. Man with big bus reckons he rules the roads as he is in big bus. Cut off his hands

  • at least the bus driver didn’t run away, progress of a kind

  • Franky

    These huge tourist buses are very dangerous because their driver cannot see the small motorbikes around. Always stay clear of them when driving a motorbike, especially when they are turning. Sad for the russian, would still be alive if he had stayed behind the bus…RIP

    • Seviyor Beni

      I agree. The Russian should have known the bus driver could not see him. You drive in someone’s blind spot you get what you deserve.

    • ken

      Thai drivers can not see other road users, because mostly they don’t bother to look.

  • Homebrew

    Death is only a moment away at all times in Thailand, and always will be.
    Ride in a way that someone’s stupid mistake won’t kill you.

    • Seviyor Beni

      This was his own (the Russian’s) stupid mistake. The postion he was at next to the bus is in the drivers blind spot. Plus, the Russian couldn’t see if the bus had it’s turn signals on or not (probably not)

      • Homebrew

        Agreed, while the scowling Russian elbowed in and pushed his way past it on the left and only stopped cursing when his brain splattered like a zit.
        Why have I ridden over a million kms on motorcycles without an accident? (Other than 1 deer.) I don’t believe in luck.
        You don’t have to die out there. Really.

    • Sly

      If I could anticipate every random maneuver here I’d quit my day job and become a psychic. I’ll stick to the SUV thanks.

      • Simon the shrink

        Ken quit hes day job and became Psychotic

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  • ken

    Its a miracle there are not more of these with these over size tour bus, they take up the entire street and don’t care about anyone else on the road, typical of Thai males

  • ken

    Just another ignorant, brain dead Thai man driving on the roads.

    • Jesse Stone

      The only one who is braindead is you, Ken. How is Barbie by the way?
      RIP Sergei Sugadaev

  • Mark Williams

    I’m an experienced GSXR Superbike rider…..And NEVER rented a bike in Patts in 15 years…..You need eyes in the back of your head……..Just too risky

    • MC

      Agree Mark 100% I,ve observed the driving around Pattaya with a open mind every time I,ve enjoyed a trip here and just decided to locate myself in a handy location where I can walk most places I like to go or baht bus or even a motorbike taxi sometimes during the day but no renting a bike here.

  • Zippo

    Attempting to pass a bus or any vechicle of this size on the inside or outside on these sorts of roads in Pattaya is simply dangerous and high risk the Russian dude took the risk and should not have he could have stayed a safe distance behind the bus seen the bus turning early weather indicator lights on or not and would have been fine defensive driving is the best way to avoid accidents here.

  • Patamnak Hill Hobo

    Chances are Boris the Russkie might have had a skin full of distilled potatoes might not have seen it coming .