Russian stabs former business partner in Pattaya


Just after midnight, on October 9, Pattaya police received reports of a stabbing in Soi Pattaya Park, South Pattaya.

At the scene thirty-six year old Russian, Ms Sonia Greenburg, had been stabbed in the stomach and was screaming in pain. She was rushed to Pattaya Memorial Hospital for emergency treatment.

Officers then arrested Mr Oleg Martynov (60), another Russian, owner of the Pecktopah Restaurant, opposite the crime scene. He was taken to Pattaya Police Station.

Mrs. Patchama Krachaem, (57) a witness and Ms Greenburg’ s employee, said that Ms. Greenburg is the owner of Pizzora S-125 Restaurant nearby.

She said that they used to be business partners at Pecktopah but left to open their own restaurant after a ‘disagreement.’

Since then Ms Greenburg, who is a friendly lady, has been very busy as her new restaurant is popular with many regular customers. Meanwhile Pecktoman has been very quiet as nobody goes there anymore.

Recently, she said,  Mr Martynov came by and threatened Ms Greenburg and so they made a statement at Pattaya Police Station.

Today, as Ms Greenburg was walking home from work, Mr Martynov confronted her and stabbed her in the stomach before running away.

Report by Pattaya One News Team.

  • Homebrew

    Normal Russian behavior.

  • Rob

    Ohh, those Russians!

  • Ken

    Another great advertisement for ‘South East Asia’s premier family resort’.

    • Buster

      with these kind of thugs going around best you stay in your room after sunset and after sunrise.

  • antony

    Another case of play acting She does look like she is in labour.

  • weasel

    they are sneaking back in

  • jaime

    Oscar winning performance….

    • Paulie

      I think you’re right – let’s not forget that Russia is the land where people deliberately throw themselves against your car then roll around in apparent agony, with the intention of suing you for knocking them over.

  • jaime

    All that is missing in them photos is a man playing a violin in the background…..

  • AwanderingSoul

    Wonder if she provides under the table service while you are eating a slice of her pizza?

  • Blatariniyaporn

    LOL! The name of the restaurant isn’t Pektopah Restaurant. “Pektopah” is the Russian word for “restaurant”in their Cyrillic alphabet!

  • ynot

    I always thought it was called Thailand not Russia land

  • Thai Mag

    What was she stabbed with? A toothpick? A bit of a drama queen I think

  • Khun Falang

    Seen better acting on “Crossroads” for the younger reader’s never mind.

  • Kenny

    Russian scum