Russian arrested in crackdown on Eastern European gangsters


Russian arrested in crackdown on Eastern European gangsters

Russian man, wanted for a drug case in his home country under an Interpol warrant, is in police custody following a recent crackdown on Eastern European gangsters and other shady figures at eastern tourist destinations – particularly Pattaya.

As the suspect Mikhail Kriventsov’s passport had already been cancelled and he was likely overstaying his Thai visa, Interpol contacted Thai police and asked them to locate and arrest him – initially for the overstaying offence – and keep him in custody, a police source at the Immigration Bureau said on Monday morning.

Interpol wants him deported back to Saint Petersburg for allegedly being in possession of 109 grams of heroin with intent to sell, an offence punishable for up to 20 years in prison in Russia, the source said.

On Morning afternoon, Immigration Bureau chief Pol Lt-General Natthorn Phrosunthorn is scheduled to hold a press conference with the Provincial Police Region 2 and the Russian Embassy’s police attache to detail the operation aimed at rounding up Russian and other Eastern European suspects.

Source: The Nation

  • Ken Anderson

    Well that is astounding.
    Have the Keystone Cops actually done some real policing??
    I wonder how much the Russians had to pay for this ‘service’?

  • Jack La Motta

    International Russian Gangster with 109 Gramms of Heroin? hahaha a Petersburg street dealer would have that ammount in his possession, Gangsters deal in Kilos! he´ll be back home soon eating porridge in the Tropical and exotic surroundings of a Russian Jail.

  • Sexy Soi Six

    These potato heads are the worst homophobics in the world and for that reason they should be banned from Jomtien and all of Pattaya.

    • Sexy Soi Six

      Profile stalker pom you at it again

  • Mike Murphy

    he should pay the same tea money as his comrads to ply his trade

  • Seviyor Beni

    I would like a couple grams of heroin

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