Road Rage: Thai man threatens fellow driver with a knife because he hooted him


Road Rage: Thai man threatens fellow driver with a knife because he hooted him

Thai social media was yet again sent into meltdown after pics that emerged of a road rage incident involving a knife were shared online.

The pics of the incident show dash cam footage from a journey undertaken by “Nirun Navas” heading towards Sakon Nakorn, early on Saturday evening.

Initial reports are suggesting that the driver beeps his horn at a man in a black pick-up who was driving erratically and veering dangerously to the right.

Obviously not happy by the sound of the horn, the driver of the black pick up forces the other man to pull up in the right hand lane by stopping right in front of him.

He then gets out with a knife pointing it at the driver behind in a threatening manner. He has his wife and son beside him as he brandishes the knife.

The dash cam car is reversed to avoid confrontation while the knife man gets back in the cab with his family and drives off.

The poster of the clip asked for Phang Khon police to take note while condemnation was rife on Facebook with most of the public demanding the knife man’s arrest.

Police are now looking into the footage before making any decision on how to proceed with the case.

Source: Thai Visa

  • ken

    The only surprise here unfortunately is that he did not use the knife. These brain dead Thai men frequently assault and murder people for no reason, he will be back at it soon enough.

    • Dr. Winston O’Boogie

      Why is the lack of a knife attack unfortunate?

      • Guest

        Cause Hateful Ken is so full of hate for Thai people that he enjoys when one is killed or injured, really classy from that ungrateful immigrant that bites the hand that welcomed him every occasion he has, isn’t it?

        • Charles Baht Esquire.

          Won’t belong hateful and spiteful Ken will be calling for the medieval dungeon pommy torture stretch off the arms and legs rack This guy is never happy he’s the miserable type that would ban Christmas day from calendars if he had his way

      • mighty mouse

        reverse psychology?

        • Three Lions

          No he´s just a Psycho O_o

      • ken

        Had he been successful using the knife, he could be charged with assault or murder and be off the streets. Tourists and Falangs residents would not have to interact with that savage thereby reducing their risk of an attack by a Thai man. .

  • Charles Baht Esquire.

    He should have got the La Cucaracha musical sounding car horn that has a calming effect on angry drivers

  • Three Lions

    Send in Crocodile Dundee, ” That´s not a Knife,this is a Knife! “

  • popeye the sailorman

    “Police are now looking into the footage before making any decision on how to proceed with the case” obvious charge is having a knife as a weapon …threatening to use such in a public place……these COPPERS have NO IDEA of any laws in this country they MUST BE BRAIN DEAD like esquire/GUMBLE

    • Charles Baht Esquire.

      Calm down pommy I never knew I had such a long lasting physiological effect on you . Maybe a few beetroot juice smoothies and a lovely mum homemade fresh clotty cream Rhubarb pie might settle the hell you down .

      • amazingthailand

        Man who do you think you are to have a psychological effect on anybody. You need a leo leo rehab psycho. Get back with your foots on the ground if you can but im afraid for you your on the antipodes

        • Charles Baht Esquire.

          All I’ve ever done to is just merely state the true and accurate facts about you snd your poor pommy drunkard beer bar life in Pattaya that’s all.

  • Mike Murphy

    “footage” ?

  • Ken Anderson

    More silly boys having temper tantrums. Also yet further proof Thai men should not be allowed to drive any motor vehicle until they are at least 60 years old and have had a thorough psychiatric examination.
    I suppose among the self righteous there will yet again be a large element that will claim such incidents are down to the presence of foreigners in Thailand

    • Guest

      And yet another copy and paste of all your comments…

    • amazingthailand

      In wasteland the males should indeed not drive any vehicules. Stay in the village and do whats their cultural model their genes are predestinate for. Smoke sh*t take j@b@ perform inc€st beat the ricefarmersdaughter enjoy dirty karaoke lao ladies and send all the female part of the family to pat to s$ck farangs assets. And with any chance convert the boy into a ladyboy. Thats the the standard family bussines model in los

  • Cammybhoy

    I thought it was rude not to beep in Thailand

    • Ken Anderson

      It’s only rude not to beep, if you don’t do it whilst passing a red light at 120km/h.

  • Chris

    Nice example this d*ck head sets for the kid.
    Are ALL Thai men complete knobs or are there one or two who are not.

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