Road rage: An eye for an eye – but in this case an ear!


Road rage: An eye for an eye – but in this case an ear!

A road rage case is doing the rounds of social media as a woman went on Facebook to tell her story after her husband had his ear bitten off by an irate motorcyclist.

The motorcyclist had been knocked off his bike following a minor scrape and also suffered injury.

Police are waiting for both parties to recover before getting to the bottom of the incident.

Sarutya Ngamsopha, 27, said that her husband was driving her and their child home from a summer school in the Sapbunchai housing estate in Samut Prakarn.

They noticed that a motorcycle was weaving over the road behind them and Sarutya advised her husband to pull over and let him pass. He did but as the bike passed the car was scratched.

She claimed the motorcyclist was drunk.

Husband Thanin Khlaiwichien, 43, was incensed and gave chase as the motorcyclist did not stop to offer to pay for damage to their red plate Toyota Vios.

Motorcyclist Luang Nonpala, 49, was later knocked off his bike.

He picked up a rock and threw it at the driver who had got out of the car. He fended off the rock but then a scuffle broke out.

Sarutya said that Luang then bit her husband’s left ear off.

Both driver and motorcyclist were taken to separate hospitals for treatment.

Police are waiting for their injuries to improve before further investigation in the case.

Source: Daily News

  • Ken

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  • Homebrew

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    If he is sent to prison he won’t get more than 12 Months for biting that (Y)ear.

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    Clearly two highly intelligent members of Thai society.

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