‘Reckless’ Songkran revellers get suspended jail terms

‘Reckless’ Songkran revellers get suspended jail terms

Six young Songkran revellers were yesterday jailed for 15 days and fined Bt5,000 each for throwing bags of cooking oil and fish sauce at passers-by in their seaside province on Wednesday night.

Chon Buri Provincial Court suspended each prison sentence for one year and required the six young men to perform 12 hours of public service and to report to probation officers every three months.

One defendant who couldn’t afford to pay the fine was detained at the rate of Bt500 per day.

Another two men were found to have thrown water in plastic bags and were each fined Bt1,000 by police, while two minors were sent to a juvenile facility to be dealt with.

The charges against the six men were brought under the Criminal Code’s sections 389 and 397.


The first of these states: “Whoever causes a hard substance to fall on any place in a manner likely to cause harm, trouble or nuisance to a person or causes a filthy thing to dirty a person shall be punished with up to one month in prison and/or up to Bt10,000 in fines”.

Under Section 397 “whoever, in a public place, annoys or bullies another person, or causes the other person to be ashamed or troubled, shall be punished with up to one month in prison and/or up to Bt10,000 in fines”.

Muang Chon Buri police superintendent Pol Colonel Somchok Tapol said the severe punishments to these “reckless” Songkran revellers should serve as a cautionary tale for others whose actions damage the country’s tourism.

Source: The Nation

  • ken

    A suspended sentence for such despicable actions truly send a message to others that you can do as you please in this wasteland as there are no consequences or accountability for your actions.

    • Gumble.

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    • Tony Akhurst

      As I have said many times the police are to soft.

  • Estebandejesus

    Their zoo, their monkeys.

    • amazingthailand

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  • L-Nino

    Should have thrown the book at all of them! Load up the charges from aggravated assault to conspiracy on all of them! No bail. Let the rumors run wild in the monkey troops that the police have killed them while trying to escape. That rumor alone could slow this sort of behavior. Maybe…

    • Guest

      You are talking of kids throwing filth at people, not the Manson Family… would you recommend the same for english kids throwing eggs at a house or at people??

      • L-Nino

        They were NOT kids. They were grown A$$ men. Only two of the suspects were under the age of 19. Moreover it go’s to intent. If your throwing a caustic chemical or bodily fluids on someone that’s more felonious than mischievous children throwing eggs at a house.

  • Jack La Motta

    Water cannon, that would destroy their wet dreams

  • soidog

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  • amazingthailand

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  • Ken Anderson

    If TAT are serious about wanting to promote tourism? The best thing by far they could do is to ban this idiot festival.

    • Gumble.

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  • Mike Murphy

    reckless but no lack of wreaks

  • private pile

    Two guys that chucked bags of water got fined ???? Thought that was legit?

    • Gumble.

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    • should have faced sharia law imho … lash the fockers

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