Property tycoon’s daughter under spotlight


Investigators are preparing to summon Alisa Asavabhokin, the daughter of property tycoon Anant Asavabhokin, for questioning in connection with her ownership of a large land plot where a major building in the Dhammakaya Temple compound is situated.

According to the land title deed, Alisa bought eight tracts of land with a combined area of 57 rai worth Bt298 million, from Supachai Srisupak-aksorn, the former chairman of bankrupt Klongchan Credit Union Cooperative (KCUC), in 2013. The deal took place just a few days before Supachai’s assets were seized by authorities following criminal charges of money laundering and possession of ill-gotten assets.

Sources at the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) said Alisa will be questioned because the land plot was later used to construct the Boonruksa Building inside the temple compound, which became a hospital. Investigators say they have also found the money trail which shows funds were diverted from the temple to Alisa to buy the land on behalf of the embattled temple.

Nicknamed Taeng, Alisa is the middle child of Anant, the major shareholder of Land and House and Home Pro whose combined assets total Bt97 billion. Her father has long been a key supporter of the Dhammakaya Temple.

Alisa, who got a masters degree from New York University on linguistics, said in an earlier interview that she chose not to enter the family’s business of property development.

After working for a few years at Assumption University and International Labour Organisation’s offiice, Alisa turned to do what she enjoys most: the spa and yoga businesses under the Lullaby brand.

Last year, Alisa also came under the media spotlight when her name appeared in the so-called Panama Papers as director and shareholder of Lullaby Holding Limited, an offshore account set-up in the British Virgin Islands, along with another offshore holding firm controlled by another child of Anant.

Source: The nation

  • Sexy Soi Six

    It’s happening all over again why do i keep seeing that flying saucer from lost in space in the back ground is it just me ? And further more it’s true what they accuse lovely Alisa of she’s beautiful so it can’t be true .

    • Robbie9

      It does look like a flying saucer but it looks enormous

      • Sexy Soi Six

        oh! good so you see it too then so it’s not just me ?

        • paul

          hope all quiet there in april would love a ride in the flying saucer

          • Sexy Soi Six

            they have many good herbs up North and Pattaya that could help you with that request

      • Jack La Motta

        Alisa´s old man bought it from Steven Spielberg, remember “ET”

    • taff

      Lost In Space, Jupiter 2 spaceship, now your showing your age, it came on t.v. 1965, I loved the series.

      • Jack La Motta

        SSS IS older than dust, and smells like a Turkish wrestler´s jockstrap

      • Sexy Soi Six

        Still looks like the lost in space flying saucer to me I wasn’t even born then you ferret head well it don’t look like the star ship enterprise

        • taff

          Wasn’t even born then, who are you trying to kid, they say old age doesn’t come alone, bit of Alzheimer’s I bet, don’t worry your secret’s safe with me I probably forget in morning.

          • Sexy Soi Six

            Ok I’m old I was born in the eighties unlike you old codgers born in the fifties or f*ck knows when it still looks like a flying saucer to me oh! Look it’s Penny and Dr Smith with robot

    • Jack La Motta

      Alisa is a Ladyboy

      • Sexy Soi Six

        You zoomed on that one didn’t you hook line and sinker clown

        • Jack La Motta


          • Sexy Soi Six

            Poofter boy

          • Jack La Motta


  • Ken Anderson

    Just more dishonesty and corruption in this wasteland.

    • Sexy Soi Six

      go and Buy some rain forest and whale music sit back down on your rocking chair light your incense candles and calm the hell down have another chang beer too ya old p*ss pot drunk

      • amazingthailand


        • Sexy Soi Six

          So you don’t deny do you mongwit

  • ken

    Thais can’t help it, dishonesty is a sacred value they subscribe to, These people excel at being dishonest.

    • soidog

      There are crooks in Government and high places the World over.

    • amazingthailand

      From ricefarmersdaughter to big general tycoons their all ccc s corrupt con crooks

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