Is the Property Market on the Up?


Positive signs coming from the latest property updates

After seeking out some good deals in and around Pattaya, we have contacted many sellers and now we have found some of the best property deals around.

We have a few apartments available in modern, newly completed, developments. These apartments are also on offer with a finance plan over 3, 4 or 5 years. On contract deposit of 40%, move in and remaining 60% by flexible finance plan. There are studios, aswell as 1 and 2 bedroom apartment available.

Residents have a access to 2 large swimming pools, tropical garden, BBQ area, Wifi, plenty of parking space with 24 hours CCTV manned security.

The location is a fast growing area in East Pattaya which is becoming increasingly popular. Now even more so with the opening of a brand new shopping mall with for example a Tops supermarket just around the corner.

It is absolutely perfect for the one that likes to spend the occasional night out in central Pattaya(about a 10 minute drive) but prefers to live in a more quiet area where prices are still affordable.

Studio apartment for 995.000 THB
1 Bedroom apartment for 1.475.000 THB
2 Bedroom apartment for 2.059.000 THB
Including furniture and in Foreign Ownership!
Interested, please PM or call +66(0)8 122 9455
LineID: Riceberry999
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  • Peter Blake

    Latest News: Is the Property Market on the Up? ….. No !

  • Ken Anderson

    Looking at all the empty properties everywhere, many been empty long term. I would say the answer to that Question is a resounding NO.
    Go just down the road from this development, cross the railway line, and between there and Sukhumvit you will see a prime example of what i refer to. Probably more than half of the shop houses on that part of Soi Kaonoi are empty.

    • USPatriot

      Two years ago it wasn’t like that. I was shocked this year when I drove my car from the start of beach road to walking street at 10pm on a Saturday it took 10 minutes two years ago it was 30 minutes.

      Wasn’t long ago condos buildings were sold out before completion. I read an article on here or another forum that one condo was holing off until later this year. Two people I know with nice houses for sale European style 1 house 4.3 mb and another friends house real nice 2 story with a pool 5.0 mb. They haven’t had any action.

      I don’t think the bottom has been hit yet.

      • Ken Anderson

        You are right. There are countless properties all over Thailand, not just in the Pattaya that area standing empty, either up for sale or rent, many having never been occupied. Add to that the thousands of recently built condo’s that remain unsold, I find it baffling that anyone can even consider there is a property boom. I saw a complete condo development a few weeks ago in Jomtien, looked nearly complete and appears to have just been abandoned.

  • Dr. Winston O’Boogie

    This isn’t news. This is promotion.

  • USPatriot

    Hahahahahah this “article” is funny

  • gwats1957

    Pattaya is an excellent Tourist destination…. Real estate investment? are you kidding me? Look at the Russian situation, and the instability in the current U.S. Government, and leave your seed money in the Bank, and take a nice Thai Holiday…..

  • Tom H

    Pattaya has 20,000+ empty condo rooms available, with more coming. A
    major development went bust leaving people out of their money.

    You got to stop these “articles”. This is money of real people that took a
    lifetime to save, and you are writing nonsense for a few baht of
    ad revenue.

  • Jack La Motta

    The only things on the up in Pattaya are Sildenafil induced

  • Sam

    Truth is, the regime screwed up Pattaya so badly I think it will go down the drain. Property here is a terrible investment. It always was. When the beer bars on Beasch Road started to disappear 15 years ago, I knew the end was nigh. Greed took over and Thais, being backwards, thought they could just slap a “family” label on the town and keep the party going. This was about as intelligent as invading the Falklands or maybe the Greek military plan to annex Cyprus or something along those lines.

  • Colin Whitlock

    Not a chance is property on the up. For a start you need better planners employed. Small properties that include ensuite bathrooms but not fitted wardrobes are a waste of time. Who the heck needs two bathrooms and no where to hang your clothes.

  • Estebandejesus

    No. It is not. It is being talked up by those who need it to be.
    Thailand is an un investable territory, sine die.

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