Pattaya Mourning


In the aftermath of the sad news regarding King Bhumibol Adulyadej, it didn’t take long for Pattaya’s infamous nightlife to shut down completely. Driving around the city around midnight last night, not one bar, or place of entertainment was open for business. Restaurants, convenience stores, and other shops were open, but no alcohol was being sold.

It is not yet confirmed as to how long this will last. Some say 7 days, although most believe it will be closer to 30 days. How this will affect tourists and businesses in general is yet to be seen. All we know is there is no parties until further notice.

Any updates on the current situation will be reported straight away so stay tuned here at Pattaya One.

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  • XXL

    Mourning situation 22:00 Soi Buakhao and LK Metro. Some bars are closed but most others sell alcohol and sex as usual. They don’t play music and didn’t not switch on all lights. But they have many customers. If I think of the days where alcohol is prohibited this is very different. Just no noise this time but that is it. 7/11 stopped to sell alcohol.

    • Rob

      I will come at the end of this month. Less noise is more than welcome for me.

  • john

    hollywood disco opended yesterday
    what happened
    why they didn’t respect

  • Chris Walsh

    Does anyone know when things will return to normal?

  • OMGTEHL337M4573R

    His opening sentence implies that he is in fact aware, though I can see how that could be a little oblique to a non-native English speaker.

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