Pattaya diners duped into eating steamed gum

Pattaya diners duped into eating steamed gum

Some restaurants in Pattaya have been found cheating diners by using steamed vegetable gum in dishes they advertise as expensive swallow’s nest soup, according to the Department of Special Investigation.

The DSI inspection centred on nine Chinese restaurants in the resort beach city on Wednesday, the same day other authorities went to go-go bars along Walking Street in a separate operation to shut down illegal activities.

The nine restaurants were found to be using “suspicious raw materials”, which were seized for a thorough examination by the Food and Drug Administration, DSI deputy chief Prawut Wongsrinil said.

Initial tests found some were using Karaya gum, an Indian vegetable gum, in exotic dishes, to avoid buying costly swallow nests, usually collected from caves on islands.

Connoisseurs claim the nests made of bird spittle offer unique health benefits.

The Thai association of swallow nest businesses earlier informed the DSI of the deceit. The association said the practice had dealt a severe economic blow to the gastronomic sector, costing members about four billion baht in the last year, Pol Lt Col Prawut said.

Use of the gum, believed to be from the Yaowarat area in Bangkok, caused prices of genuine swallow nests to drop from the range 50,000 to 150,000 baht a kilogramme to less than 50,000 baht.

The DSI found “suspicious raw materials” at all nine restaurants, but did not release other details or say which ones would be charged. The investigation was continuing.

The police search of go-go bars found no serious criminal activity, including human trafficking, according to Bang Lamung district chief Narit Niramaiwong. However, some  bar workers were fined for having no identity cards.

Source: Bangkok Post

  • ken

    “The police search of go-go bars found no serious criminal activity, including human trafficking,”–===These are the bars that paid the required tea money to these bent Cops.

  • ken

    Why not release the name of the name of the restaurant so the public can be informed and decide if they still want to patronize those establishment? Thais are so illogical but this us just another reason not to trust a China man.

    • The Groover

      The DSI and the restaurant concerned are still negotiating on a mutually-agreeable price to keep the name of the restaurant out of the press.

    • American Farang

      Fake Soup is the name of the restaurant. Fake news is what they were giving their customers.

  • Daily69

    the case will die surely…same way like the bbq Ninja restaurant on 3rd rd was caught serving soup made of dog bones, but today, you can’t find a seat lol

  • They should have known the nests were fake, Swallows would never go near a Chinese restaurant in fear of their lives let alone nest in one!

    • popeye the sailorman

      how many swallows have you seen in Thailand…….NONE i would say!!

      • Swallow Divers from View Talay! actually seen a few Swallows nesting close to Phi Phi Island in the Andaman sea SO YOU ARE WRONG THERE POPSICLE, btw do you know what a Swallow looks like?

        • taff

          Can’t say for certain if they were Swallows or Swifts, but there were loads flying around on Ban Chang beach one day.

  • Ken Anderson

    What more would anyone expect in the Land Of Scams. This wasteland is inhabited by people who are inherently dishonest, lying, cheating and scamming are simply normal expected traits for the vast majority of them.
    Scams like this are so ingrained into their culture they do not even see anything wrong with it. Such things are simply expected in every day life and are considered normal. Yet again the DSI will only be motivated by tea money.

    • American Farang

      Sounds like the world Killary lives in.

  • Bahtbus

    Why not use the gum on the street of the Happy Zone? It has Chinese footprints all over it.

  • Mike Murphy

    but did it taste good ?

  • American Farang

    We should all be celebrating that the Chinese didn’t feed us aborted remains or feline soup.

  • American Farang

    What’s worse? Fake news……. or Fake Soup?

  • private pile

    The women in the photo looks like a soi 6 vet ready to deploy a under the counter public happy rub

  • timpattayatim

    In the land is scams it pays to be dishonest.