Parasail operators blame deceased Australian, 70, for falling from harness

Parasail operators blame deceased Australian, 70, for falling from harness

The two parasail business operators that took Australian tourist Roger John Hussey, 70 for the ride that would end his life when he fell from his harness and hit the water below blame the deceased man for his death and the fact that they are now in jail with a recklessness causing death charge.

Hussey fell into the waters near Kata Beach while his Thai wife, Busabong Thongsangka, took what was supposed to be a vacation video from the shore. He survived the 70 meter fall but died from complications at the hospital, reported Daily News.

The CEO and company founder was scheduled to return to Australia on July 14th.

Boat driver Monthian Jandaeng, 44, and tandem parasailer Rungroj Rakcheep, 38, said Hussey was to blame for his demise and they had operated for a decade without any other issues.

They claim that Hussey did not hold onto the areas he was told to and instead let his arms fly free. When he tried to place his hands back on the harness, he accidentally released himself while Rungroj remained in the harness.

Parasailing was still happening as normal on Kata Beach today, despite the accident. Operators say they’ve taken precautions by checking equipment and giving tourists detailed instructions on the sport.

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  • ken

    How is this news? Even the beach road rats and soi dogs knew they would blame Sir Kangaroo for his death. These monkeys will never accept responsibility for anything but anywhere else in the world this operation would be issued a temporarily closure order until the authorities investigate the incident and possibly implement some safety measures. Alas in this wasteland a life is as valuable as Thai counterfeit watch.

    • St George

      And your baseless opinion is about as useful as a perforated condom

      • RFD

        I surprise he no blame ME this time!

        • St George

          yOU NEED A BREAK

  • St George

    Just another Aussie dropout!

  • Ken Anderson

    Well no surprise here, as I said yesterday, we are already fully aware that a Thai man can never be wrong!!

    ”He survived the 70 meter fall but died from complications at the hospital”. Must have had no insurance.

    • The Groover

      you said it yesterday and the day before and the day before, you say the same thing every day a$$ wipe. say something different just once you turd.

      • St George

        The Groover pretending that he´s not Ken!

  • Krushed

    Apparently this harness doesn’t actually hold you, but instead requires you to “hold on”. If you let go of the harness, you will fall to your death. That’s a very interesting harness.

    I’m sure all of that was appropriately explained to the 70 year old gentleman before he soared into the air.

    • Ok now

      Maybe no one has told them there is a video showing what happened ??……… even the photos show the other guy is not wearing a harness he just swings himself up and over no harness and then you see him in the video reaching down.

    • Jack

      Yes, so one question is: Are these the best harnesses available on the market? Are they using cheap harnesses to cut costs? If so, whoever is allowing these sub-par harnesses to be used is at least partially to blame.

      • soidog

        The requirement at Thai level calls for a harness ,this in itself is considered a Western effete affectation ,the particular efficiency of the accroutrement is ‘up to you’

        • St George

          More gibberish from the guy that could´nt call a spade a spade if it hit him on the head, must be hard to be so pedantic and puerile!

  • Ok now

    The other person was never in a harness……. you see him in the video swinging over the top and then reaching down its then he must have told the Australian to lift his arms and you then see him start to fall……………..they do not know about the video dumb ass Thai men think they can just tell lies when we have the video showing what happened.

  • Rancid

    The faces of two killers right there

  • Mike Murphy

    ThaI Logic, if the victim never came to Thailand in the first place he would not have died this way.

    • soidog

      An appointment in Samarra .

    • St George

      DIE HARD

  • gk

    Look at the photos and the video. The man was NOT strapped in at the crotch. The only part of the harness that partly held him in was only around the shoulders. That is NOT being strapped in.