No Customers, I’m Not Suprised


Having a bad day, spare a thought for this guy.

Normally, entering any place of business is as simple as walking up to the shop front, opening the door, and entering. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about a certain shop in Chon Buri.

To enter this particular upholstery business, first you must be brave enough to weave your way through a spaghetti junction of electrical wires. Not something I’d be queuing up for any time soon.

After an electrical explosion near to his shop, Mr. Somjitrachai Hormsop, 41, called the authorities straight away to come out a rectify the problem, emphasizing the potential danger of leaving it for much longer. A month has now passed and nothing has been done, causing Mr. Hormsap to take to the local media to try and highlight his problem.

His business has been severely damaged due to the problem, and he says he has lost all of his customers.

Hopefully the powers that be get something done sooner rather than later.

Credit. Thairath

  • ken

    ”This once again strengthens Thailand’s position within the community and
    allays some of those fears that businesses may be tempted to move to
    neighbouring countries to benefit from cheaper labour costs. However
    these countries certainly do not have the infrastructure that Thailand
    already has in place.”

    The above is a quote from a recent article regarding the expansion of Utapao Airport. I take it this current article relates to the said infrastructure??

    • Tony Akhurst

      Once again a load of dribble.

      • ken

        What a troll you are, just here to criticize me and offering nothing positive. Such a sad life you must live.

      • ken

        Could you please define ”dribble” in the context it is used here. This post makes absolutely no sense at all.

        • Tony Akhurst

          Nor do you.

      • william dempster

        do you mean drivel? if you’re going to criticise you need to get it right. By the way i think that may be my mother fu**ing sofa shamon!

        • Tony Akhurst

          Who the f==k is sofa shamon???

          • sargeant

            sofa – chair.
            shamon – michael jackson parody,

          • ken

            I wouldnt waste your time trying to explain things or reason with the thick and ignorant.

          • sargeant

            please feel free to ask if there are any other words you don’t understand. “load of “dribble”” brilliant.

          • ken

            You have to be the biggest dunce here, now I see why you don’t get intelligent postings.

  • taff

    All that for a blown 13amp fuse.

  • Seviyor Beni

    those are wires carrying cable tv .. not much electricity in them