More Price Increases


After the recent clamp down of package tour guides from China and Korea etc. a recent report carried out by the Thai Hotelier’s Association has found that the number of FIT (Fully Independent Travelers) tourists has dramatically increased.

Previously tourists on these “tour group” holidays would come with very little spending money, as flights, hotels, restaurants and daily activities were all covered in the initial booking fee. This was seen as bad business for the majority of Thai business owners in Pattaya, as none of these customers were spending any money. The major beneficiaries were the Tour companies themselves.

Now that these companies are no longer active, there are more tourists coming here spending money. There was only ever going to be one outcome from all of this so yes, The Thai Hotelier’s Association is now recommending that its members increase prices from between 5 and 10% by the beginning of next year

THA chief Suphawan Thanormkiatphoom has been quoted in saying that FIT tourists are on the rise and would represent 60 per cent of all arrivals by the start of 2018, and that hotels and guest houses should be taking advantage of this.

Time to get those over time hours booked in I think.


  • seaeagle

    Start charging more and ill bog off elsewhere

  • steve

    thats the idea just get them coming back and start charging more and lets throw in a few scams and off they go into the sun set but hey better a dollar today than thinking in the long term happens every time

  • ken

    The trouble is in Thailand, many now seem to want to charge rates for things that are comparable with what people pay in Western countries. I have on one occasion even been told ”well you would pay that much in your country”.
    I have no objection to paying ‘Western’ rates for things in Thailand, as long as standards of goods / service is comparable. But the only trouble is, Thai’s are very good at uping their prices but do not seem so willing or effective when it comes to upping their game accordingly.

  • AwanderingSoul

    I don’t come to Thailand to be charged Western prices, so if they charge more, well guess what, I will buy less or not come at all.

  • Neokie

    When r these people going to learn?? They take a centimeter and want a kilometer. Never will understand the thai mentality!!

    • ken

      Just think of two words. Greed and stupidity.
      Then I am sure you will fully understand thai mentality.

  • Phil. L

    This gravy train is going to come to a stop soon and then we will see derelict hotels all over Pattaya in years to come.

  • Truth

    Watch the FIT switch destinations to Viet Nam, Cambodia, and elsewhere. Careful what you wish for. You might just get it. THA chief Suphawan Thanormkiatphoom can go screw yourself. The smart hoteliers will keep their rates same and attract more FIT who want bargains.

  • mike mongerer

    I doubt if the Thai Hotelier’s Association will have much influence on the majority of room rates in this town. This is especially true in the hotels that used to cater to Chinese tour groups but now are struggling just to survive. Also keep in mind that more than half of the hotels in Pattaya are not even licensed, much less members of the Thai Hotelier’s Association. If you own a hotel, you’re going to set your room prices in a competitive manner that maximizes your profits, regardless of what the Thai Hotelier’s Association wants you to do.