Man crushed by lorry on Third Road, Pattaya


At 2pm, on the afternoon of October 8, Pattaya police received reports of an accident on Third Road, Pattaya which left one man crushed to death.

A witness, fifty-nine year old Mrs Boonchu Mingkwan, said she was riding her motorbike behind the victim along Third Road. As they approached the traffic lights at Pattaya North a ten-wheeler truck overtook them, hitting the victim’s bike and dragging him under the wheels.

The victim has been named as thirty-seven year old Mr Nitas Pokaew, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mr Pokaew’s forty-two year old girlfriend, Ms Chaida Pinkaew, who arrived at the scene, said that the victim was a Pattaya Parks employee who was on his way to pick up his new motorcycle.

Report by Pattaya One News Team

  • Thai Boy

    At 2pm…I can see the sun shining on the crash scene photos !!

    • J Verduin

      Yes, the sun is mostly shining at 2 PM, at 2 AM you can watch te moon instead.

    • Harald

      Ask Anthony, he’s the expert on when it’s dark and light in Pattaya

    • Homebrew

      The usual long lineup of photographers took at least 12 hours before everyone got their turn.

  • Homebrew

    I think they have the photos switched. There seems to be 2 links to this story, with the same URL, depends on which page you come into it from. These are pixeled pics of the drunk Korean. You see the daytime pics of a fallen PCX and body clicking the link at the bottom of the drunk Korean story, which has these unaltered pics.