Man arrested for sexually assaulting 3 motorbikes


A Thai man has been arrested for sexually assaulting not 1, but 3 motorbikes

Adding this to the list of crazy human fetishes, a man in Chonburi went around cutting open other people’s motorbikes before he masturbated into the vehicles.

Police were able to track down the auto lover, Thepsathit Sripranumat, 26, after three people reported their motorcycles being sexually assaulted.

According to one victim, a female university student, her motorcycle was raped twice — on Feb. 27 and March 13. She said the man cut a hole in the motorcycle seat before he got on top of it and…you know…did his deeds.

Saensuk Police questioned the motorcycle lover, and he admitted that he had assaulted three motorcycles because he was drunk and needed release.

He said he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, and he apologized to the victims.

Police charged Thepsathit for damaging other people’s property and obscenity, MThai reported.

As crazy as it seems, this is not the first time in Thailand that vehicles were the victims of sexual objectification. In 2015, a man was busted on video humping a Porsche.

Source: Coconuts

  • soidog

    When his Honda at home finds out there will be trouble. Thai logic demands that the three bikes should be charged with importuning and fined 100Bt

    • Mike Murphy

      yeh, it will withhold his riding privileges

  • ken

    This is alarming to normal people but just another day at the office for the demented Thai mind.

    • Ken Anderson

      You are exactly right here, these Thai men have something fundamentally wrong with the way their brain operates.

      • soidog

        One with a Cow the other day too,keeping up the culture the WHOLE WORLD is so jealous of….

        • brian

          well there was an aussie once charged with having sex with a dolphin

      • brian

        thier brain? sorry not sure i follow you,there what?

      • Jack La Motta

        Thats what happens when you get revved -up

  • Sexy Soi Six

    I was so turned on when I read this article, I went out and bought three motorbike seats, One Horny Honda, One yummy Yamaha and One Sexy Suzuki, so now I can have an uninterrupted foursome without leaving my place and I won’t contaminate the gene pool. I love putting my meat in the seat…

  • Ken Anderson

    ”He admitted that he had assaulted three motorcycles because he was drunk and needed release.”

    This is exactly why in all civilised countries children are precluded from consuming alcohol until they have developed to a suitable age of responsibility.
    Maybe in this wasteland they should increase the age of this preclusion for Thai Men to somewhere around 70 years? And only then should they be allowed to consume alcohol after a thorough psychiatric evaluation.

    • brian

      and accompanied by both grandparents

    • Jack La Motta

      And with the written consent of both Grandparents

  • Homebrew
  • amazingthailand

    whats the motorbikes indemnity to compensate this sexual assault

  • amazingthailand

    Whats the problem it was ricefarmersdaughter motorbike. But he could have chose an harley smelling dirty old farangs @ss

  • Lt.farlang

    its pretty obvious this faceless thai, at least by now, is coming straight from the funny farm

  • Deadhorse.

    If anyone wanders what drove him to do it, it was depression, depression in the motorbike seat.

  • Peer of the Realm

    I can empathize with him. There are some very sexy superbikes around Pattaya. Who hasn’t fantasized about a giant Harley Davidson?

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