Cambodians feasting on Pattaya strays anger local dog lovers


Pattaya dog lovers went to the police after they found out that Cambodian construction workers were catching strays for their dinner.

Up to 30 had gone missing in recent weeks from a patch of waste ground behind a sports complex in Huay Yai sub-district where there is construction work taking place.

But after police came no one was arrested – the Cambodians were just warned about eating dogs.

Mrs Orn-anong Capser, 38, said she visited the area daily with others to feed the strays and give them medical attention if needed. She had noticed that the dog population was going down by about one a day.

Then yesterday she saw a dog run out of the construction area where the Cambodians lived – it had a sling around its neck.

Another dog lover Wipharat Mingkhwan, 64, said she had seen the Cambodians chasing the dogs every day. Two men had even approached her about some dogs that she looked after wanting to buy them for food.

She told them “No Way!” and then in no uncertain terms that that was illegal in Thailand. The Cambodians then left with their tails between their legs.

Orn-Anong could stand the situation no longer, however, and she hot footed it to Nong Prue police who were quickly on the scene.

But if the animal lovers wanted an arrest of the foreign workers they were to be disappointed.

The police could not enter the construction site because it is run by the military. So it was decided just to talk to the Cambodians.

They were warned that this behavior was not acceptable in Thailand and that no more eating of dogs would be tolerated

Source: 77Jowo

  • Tony Akhurst

    stray dogs can be a nuesence at the best of times.

    • Jack La Motta

      You too at any time! 😛

    • they are far less of a nuisance than the hordes of drunken middle-aged pot bellied brits. roaming the streets of pattaya at all hours

  • pattayhobo

    These Cambodians should be given a bonus of 100 baht per stray dog that they slaughter, roast and eat. They obviously have more sense than the Thais, which isn’t difficult.

  • ken

    They can come down to many of the other Sois I pass by and eat all the other mutts who are such a nuisance. This is a good deed by the Cambodians, eat them all I say!

    • Jack La Motta

      I hope i dont get bit by a Cambodian anytime soon, better get my Rabies shots up to date! O_o

    • Buster

      If you don’t like the strays, go to Cambodia instead, there are no dogs on the streets there, or cats or rats and no birds either.

      • Jack La Motta

        Buster in 10 years you will look like a Cambodian stray Dog

      • Jack La Motta

        Buster, are you serious, you have no wildlife around? you mean the people eat anything that flies, jumps, hops, moves, slivers, swims, swings, OMG O_o

        • Buster

          Never seen a dog, cat or bird in PP.

          • Jack La Motta

            Now i know why! 🙁

          • Jack La Motta

            Yeah since the Cambos moved in there seems to be less strays, or maybe Sharkey Ward has opened up a Homeless Dogs shelter somewhere

      • Jack La Motta

        Have you seen the Cambodian Rat catching videos on youtube?
        but these rats are all vegetarians, living off rice mostly, if you knew all the drugs that our Farm raised beef and pork sheep etc are given, growth hormones, anti-biotics and god knows what else, Rat meat is probably healthier!

    • L-Nino

      I’ll buy the beer and let them have my grill! And if these dip $hit do gooders really care about these poor animals, get them spayed/neutered. Don’t Feed Them!!! It makes the idiots that feed the dog feel better. But doesn’t help the dog!

  • Jack La Motta

    You cant beat good Free-range, Grassfed, Pattaya Pooch!

  • Jack La Motta

    Where is the Tim Sharkey Ward interview?

    • pattayhobo

      You mean Tim Shonky

      • Jack La Motta

        no i mean Tim Ward Sharkey you stupid KU**

        • pattayhobo

          Tim shonky the walking cartoon sheep shagger

        • pattayhobo

          He is nothing more then a poor boy attention seeking walking cartoon thug .

      • Jack La Motta

        He will shag you up the ass till you scream for mercy!

        • Ken

          LMAO! I wouldn’t bet on it though, I bet the hobo has a pretty high tolerance to that kind of treatment….

          • pattayhobo

            There you go again with your homophobia and why you big nosed pom dont get banned for your anti-gay comments is a disgrace.

        • pattayhobo

          Tim shonky is nothing more then a sheep shagging walking cartoon

          • taff

            There’s nothing wrong with sheep shagging, they never get headaches, they don’t drug you and steal your wallets and possessions, there’s no baaaar fine and no 1000 bahts at the end.

          • pattayhobo

            I’m glad you think so

          • Homebrew

            Sheep cry ‘Baaaaht! Baaaaht! Baaaaht!’ much more than a beach girl.

          • Jack La Motta

            but at least they dont ask for a dink dink dink allnight, Ewe know what i mean 😉 but all that Baaaaating allnight could make you go Mutton Jeff

        • pattayhobo

          Your butt buddy Tim Shonky couldn’t even make a shagg in a carpet factory . Walking Walt Disney

    • Ok now

      I think some Cambodians might be interviewed by Sharky very soon.

      • Jack La Motta

        i CANT WAIT!

    • he’s far to busy trying to get the pattaya police to return the gold they allegedly stolen from his condo to worry about a few mutts

      • Abbey Abs Smith

        and screwing $20 beach road hookers and posting them on his instagram account showing everyone what a stud he is

        • would he still be a ‘sad and Pathetic fat Fukk’ if he was screwing $200 thai hookers and posting them on his instagram account ?

    • private pile


  • le chef

    well done miss Orn-Anong more people like you are needed in this world

  • Ken Anderson

    Well done to the Cambodians.
    Mores the pity some of these Chinese tourists don’t take to eating these dogs, that would soon get rid of the problem.
    If these self righteous fools that are doing the complaining love these mutts so much, why do they not take care of them properly, rather than just leaving them roaming around like vermin?

  • private pile

    Anyone ever wondered what the section plainly labelled meat in most thai bbq buffets is? It’s dark chewy meat I stay away from …. I’m guessing that’s soi dog maybe local produce or driven in from vietnam…. if I had to survive I’d eat the dog… these Cambodians should have free food provided by their employers on site and given better temporary accommodation. This article should shame the site owners and they should be named in this and then maybe they will give the Cambodians a better life while they help build their empires and fortunes

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