Laguna Beach Resort 3 sale


Laguna Beach Resort 3…Jomtien beach Pattaya
895,000 THB.

Laguna Beach Resort 3 is one of the largest resort style development currently in Pattaya. It covers over 25,000 sqm with more than 60% of the land dedicated to recreational activities. The Maldives theme throughout the resort offers stunning views of the landscaped interior which includes a massive lagoon swimming pool, clubhouse & treehouses and waterfalls.

Countless quality facilities

Laguna Beach Resort 3 offers endless facilities, for example there is a go-kart track, a putting green, clubhouse and of course the 5,000 sqm Maldives themed lagoon pool. The resort offers shops and bars, underground parking, and a rooftop fitness as well. Laguna Beach Resort 3 is being realized just south of central Pattaya in the quiet & family friendly area Jomtien. It is expected to complete end 2017.

+66(0) 81 122 9455

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  • Thai Boy

    Wow, I thought this project was on sale since 2012!

  • Ken

    Standard of construction there is S**te even by Thai standards.
    Anyone who pays approaching 1 million Bt for a shoe box in that development needs their head examining.

  • Ken

    Maybe they could consider completing construction of the earlier developments before commencing further phases?

  • AwanderingSoul

    With the instability surrounding Thailand who would buy anything long term there?

    • Ken

      Yes. When it comes to buying anything in Thailand. Just buy what you need, and keep here what money required to live. Nothing more!!
      Particularly when it comes to property, I would rather take my investment fund to a day at the races when I am back in the UK. At least I could then enjoy the experience of losing it, the whole experience much less problematic, and growth potential would be much higher.

  • mike mongerer

    I wonder if the resort will be “guest friendly”. The go-cart track makes it sound like they want to attract kids.

    • Ken

      It is a condo development, open for anyone to buy. ‘Owners’ of individual units are free to come and go as they like, with who ever they like.