Kuwaiti Tourist Fight ends with Knife Attack


Kuwaiti tourist stabs his friend in drunken fight at a convenience store

At around 12 midday on February 16th, Pattaya police were called to a local Family Mart where a fight had broke out between two Kuwaiti friends. The fight ended when an 18 year involved in the fight was stabbed.

The store where the incident took place is located in Soi VC, Thappraya Road. At the scene police found 18 year old Mohammad Al Ruhali with two stab wounds to his back. The store had blood stains all over the floor and counters.

After the fight had ended, the attacker fled back to his hotel room, but it didn’t take long for police to track him down and arrest him before he made his escape. After questioning, police found out his name, Sat Al Rachidi, aged 18 years, but that was about all they got out of him.

Both of the two guys, who are supposed to be good friends, were drunk at the time of the incident. It is not yet known what caused the argument, but after a few punches not landing the target, Sat Al Rachidi pulled out his knife. Another friend of theirs who tried to stop the melee was also hurt in the incident.

Al Ruhali was taken to Muang Pattaya Hospital after treatment by medics at the scene, and police are now deciding what charges to file against the two men.

  • Ken Anderson

    Drunken knife fights. Obviously devout muslim’s?
    TAT must be so proud of their achievements in the drive to attract quality tourists.

    • Jack La Motta

      Arabs and knives Nothing new there, read about ” Saladin” , Islam was spread by the Sword!

    • amazingthailand

      unfortunately i escape homeland to firstly avoid these m.sl.m trash. TAT should take example on Donald. but these morrons would even qualify cockroaches as quality tourists to improve their fake stats

      • soidog

        It is quite risible when decrying morons, that you cannot spell the word correctly.

  • L-Nino

    What should be done is arrest and deport ALL parties involved, with a red stamp. Then implement a travel ban for ANYONE from Kuwait for one year. Post photos of these fools in the Kuwait media and let their Muslim friends know that these and other scumbags from your sandbox are the reason you are no longer welcome.

    • Jack La Motta

      They only come here to get wasted and sh** LB

  • Jack La Motta

    Arabs are not generally used to Alcohol,so they come to the land of sexual freedom and cheap alcohol, things that they are not used to at home and binge on it, which inevitably leads to trouble, i wonder what would happen if a gang of drunk and drugged Thai youths clashed with a gang of drunk and stoned Arabs? In Europe during the Middle Ages, beer, often of very low strength, was an everyday drink for all classes and ages of people. A document from that time mentions nuns having an allowance of six pints of ale each day. Cider and pomace wine were also widely available; grape wine was the prerogative of the higher classes.That probably explains why Europeans mainly from the North and Central Europe tend to drink to excess and some behave like Vikings on Holiday!

    • soidog

      Odd really when alcohol is derived from Arabic ,and generally not used to? the hypocrites are as bad as the rest of us but are afraid to do it at home , what are 18 year olds doing in Pattaya? too young ! Pattaya is for old boys that cant be bothered at home.

      • Jack La Motta

        They are doing things in Pattaya that they would be blindfolded and thrown off high building for at home, smoking Weed, doing Ya Ice/ ya Ba, Alcohol, shagging LB, in Kuwait, Bahrein and most of the UAE and the Arab peninsula, Hookers are available albeit pricey, and rendezvous have to be incognito, usually organized online, but doing a tranny would be a special treat for the Ragheads, as they dont have it at home, and they all seem to like a bit of a**, but also they have too much money and come to Thailand where Mama and Papa cant see what they are doing, ” when the Cat´s away, the Mice will play “

        • YoDude12

          …and taking infidel females as slaves. How many of the local women head to the Gulf States and disappear? I wonder.

          • Jack La Motta

            Quite a few i would imagine, but i bet some of their husbands or boyfriends have accidents or disapear too! 😉

      • Jack La Motta

        Islam originated in Mecca and Medina at the start of the 7th century. so It is a relatively new religion, while alcohol was brewed in Egypt since the beginning of civilization,alcohol is not specifically prohibited in the Quran, The Quran actually prohibits intoxicants, which is a broader term and covers a wider range of substances. Coming under the label of intoxicants are both alcohol and drugs, and the Quran makes it clear to us that any form of intoxicating substance is prohibited.
        the word alcohol actually has an arabic root. It stems from the word al-kohl, which is an intoxicating beverage made from fermented grains, fruits or sugars. The Quran uses the words khamr or khamrah to denote fermented beverages, and these have often been translated as wine although they do in fact refer to all types of intoxicants.
        The prohibition of alcohol in the Quran was not revealed in one single verse, but rather through three verses over time, which allowed the muslims to wean themselves off alcohol. It has been hypothesised that an immediate ban on alcohol would have been less successful than the staggered approach chosen by Allah.

        • YoDude12

          …alcohol forbidden. Killing apostates and infidels – not.

          • Jack La Motta

            Yeah, something dose´nt quite equate there i agree!

  • ken

    These beast are only doing what they do at home. Its quite common in their culture to start a discussion off with a slap to the face or a kick to the soft spot before asking a question. I;ve said all along these people should not be allowed to exit their caves to visit other countries.

  • Mike Murphy

    be sure to mention the boozing to their mullah back home

    • Jack La Motta

      Hes doing de-tox in the Betty Ford Clinic

  • Ken

    Pity it wasn’t fatal.

    • Jack La Motta

      It might be for the stabber, Arabs have long memories

  • Patamnak Hill Hobo

    Camel jockies

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  • Barron Goldsmith

    I remenber 10 years ago ,no arabs in pattaya, Arabs love the Ladyboys

    • YoDude12

      …emphasis on “boys.”

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