It’s Nearly Finished


Rumor has it that the Pattaya underpass is finally nearing completion. After years of planning and construction, February 2017 has been earmarked as the completion date.

It’s about time if you ask me; traffic on Sukhumvit Road has been a nightmare ever since they started, however, there are still a few questions that are yet to be answered.

Will it actually help the flow of traffic? Pattaya’s traffic seems to get gradually worse every year. They keep on expanding the city with new businesses, which is great, but they fail to address the infrastructure to cater for the extra tourists that the new businesses attract. The underpass is one of the first steps towards this, so we can only wait and see how much of an effect it will have.

Then there is the problem of flooding. It doesn’t take long for Sukhumvit road to flood after a bit of heavy rain, and the traffic often gets brought to a standstill. I have seen, on several occasions, cars and motorbikes stranded in the middle of the road. Hopefully they have thought about this and put the correct drainage systems in place; otherwise we could end up with a river flowing through the underpass instead of cars.

Finally, the big one! Will it actually be completed in February? I’m sure most of you have your doubts, and based on past experiences, rightly so, but let’s all keep our fingers crossed for this one.


  • Ken

    I have every confidence in the Thai engineers.

    • kitadech

      you really are a joker “thai engineers” where are they??

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  • taff

    Just to be on the safe side take your wellies in the car with you.

    • kitadech

      why it is NOT going to flood all the planning will see to it that it does not !!! haa haa

  • justHarryNL

    Are the 821 days they had planned for the job already finished then?

  • Mike Murphy

    and when it floods, what then ?

    • Bigmike

      It doubles as a cave diving tourist attraction…555

    • Ken

      When it floods, I can tell you exactly what will happen.
      you will get a group of lazy, incompetent officials, standing there scratching their heads, scratching their arses and pointing at the flood water whilst they have their photograph taken.
      Then they will disappear back into their ivory towers and wait for the next time it floods.

  • Tony Akhurst

    (1) keeping the flow of traffic going smoothly answer=NO.
    (2) how can they stop the flooding as I expect they only used a small drainage pipe.
    (3) Try February 2018.

  • kitadech

    why not build a tunnel at Sukhumvit / pattaya tai and sukhumvit / north pattaya road ?? this will help traffic flow !!!