Is it all about the Money?


A 64 year old Irishman has promised a 7 figure dowry to the family of his 44 year old wife-to-be. Richard McAllister, an Irish IT executive and Natpaphat Jaratporakun, from Surin, are due to tie the knot very soon.

It’s been a much debated topic amongst us foreigners for as long as I can remember, and I’ve never once heard the same opinion twice. What am I talking about? It’s the “dowry” of course, or “sin-sod” as our Thai friends refer to it.

The official statement coming out of the Thai embassy reads as follows:

“An average middle-class, university-educated Thai lady deserves a dowry of 100,000- 300,000 baht. A dowry of a million baht for an uneducated lady of modest means is just ridiculous. Thai dowry prices fall drastically if your bride-to-be has been previously married, already has children, or is not a virgin anymore.”

Over the years I’ve heard all sorts of nightmare situations regarding the topic. The problem is, it’s simply not something that happens in our culture back home, and I think that is one of the main reason’s there is so much confusion over it.

Now I could be totally wrong, and I apologise in advance if I am, but I’m pretty sure that a 44 year old Thai lady is definitely not a virgin. I’m also confident in saying that she has probably been married before, and I’ll even go as far as saying she probably has children too. With that in mind, I think that a 7 figure dowry is far too much.

That being said, the Irish gentleman may have built up such substantial wealth during his career that the money is simply not an issue, and he just wants to be happy. I hope that’s the case and wish the happy couple well for the future.

Source: T-News


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  • Chris Snell

    100,000 Baht is not an unreasonable dowry for an average girl ,think about how much you would pay for a western bride in ceremonies,gowns ,receptions ect ect but 1 million baht is quite a sum he must love her very much

  • ken

    ”Thai dowry prices fall drastically if your bride-to-be is not a virgin anymore.”

    Well if that is the case, most rice farmers daughters will be worth no more than a few hundred baht from about the age of 13.

    • cfcjeff59

      Rice farmers daughters………. those three words appear with great frequency in your comments, you have obviously banged plenty of them, or perhaps you are frustrated that you have not ?

      • James

        His wife is one

        • robbie9

          No Thai lady would have a D..k head like him

          • ken


      • ken

        Yes I have, but certainly would not marry one.

  • Sam

    Pay for the wedding YES pay for a bunch monkeys to get drunk for the next 2 months NO.

  • Billy Diesel

    If their residence has stairs i advise him to check if she brings in a large tub of cooking grease on her next grocery shop.

  • Ronny Borge

    Good life is not money, but do help 😉 I spent 3000 baht on food for wedding nothing more . And still married after 8 years 😉 And happy whit my wife. So up to him 🙂 if he can let him do his money

  • Buster

    not exactly a model is she.

    • ken

      Still she is better than the one you don’t have.

  • Rob

    About the original question in the title: “Is it all about the Money?”


  • ken

    I do hope if this Irishman is talked into buying a condo he selects one on the ground floor, or for sure he will be joining the Pattaya flying club.

  • jesimps

    Cheaper than UK. Here you pay upfront, whereas over there, you wait till after you split up before you lose the shirt off your back. My Thai wife and her family didn’t even mention a dowry so I paid naff-all. Just as well because IMHO the guy, being the provider in the marriage, should be the one receiving the dowry, not the wife who’s the providee. The Indians have the right idea, trust the Thais to get it A about F.

  • L-Nino

    It’s simple Gents. stick to this golden rule. Next to NO wife a good wife is best. And a good wife is a fkn orphan!

  • Thor

    Some mothers do have em.

  • Thai Boy

    His money. He can do what ever he wants with his money, but paying millions to marry old Issan lady will make all issan’s girls families demanding millions for dowry. Any how. All the best to him and hope his wife will not divorce him, kill him or get killed by her Thai boy friend.

  • Gam

    question is, why does he need to marry at all? does he really believe that his thai wife will stay with him “in richness and in poverty, in health and in sickness”? THAN HE IS UP FOR A NASTY SURPRISE. one he’ll get poor or too ill, the wife disapears, unless there is some serious heritage involved…

  • Gam

    clearly he does not understand the concept of dowry. the dowry is only a show of good will. the real expenses will come later. for example, if the dowry is 100,000 and papa get sick – than need to pay double until papa gets better. and if the dowry is 1,000,000 and papa AND mama gets sick – than it’s around 3,000,000 in medical expenses…

  • USPatriot

    Did it once. Never again.

    The dowry from what I have read was originally a year’s wages she would earn on the farm since the family would lose the extra persons help.