Investing in 2017: what should we look for?


Investing in 2017

The global economy is viewed by many economists as becoming increasingly stable although many outsiders are still questioning this with the ever increasing threat of terror attacks and global political instability. It is little surprise therefore, that regular investors are turning back to traditional, secure investments such as a property and gold. Over the decades, these have been the investments of choice in times of uncertainty or in times of global or local recessions.

Any financial advisor who suggests “100% secure” or “100% safe” investments should be avoided at all costs but there are certainly several excellent “low to medium risk” investments and this is where investors should be looking to move a percentage of their capital to. Investors, who are happy to tie up their funds for longer terms, generally for periods of over five years, will get the best returns. Whilst this does potentially add an increased element of risk due to the lack of liquidity, with a well managed investment the increased risk should be minimal.

A sensible financial advisor should always advise diversification and this is always easier with larger sums. With smaller sums there are naturally restrictions that are imposed. Liquidity, where possible, is another feature that is a bonus but with many investments this is not an option. Investments that maybe lack the liquidity can offer monthly returns that not only increase their attraction, but also effectively reduce the risk.

Globally there are a number of property investments that promise varying levels of return. Some of these are funds that invest in property such as student accommodation or similar types of property are excellent but some are at best, ill advised. As with any investment it always pays to conduct as much due diligence as possible and proven track records, although are no guarantee for the future, are always a good starting point. Also, look for something that offers regular returns, liquidity and can be physically seen or touch. A combination of all of these factors would be fantastic.

The new Nordic Group in Pattaya are currently offering returns of 10% p.a. for periods of over 5 years. The investment can be physically seen as they have already completed more than 40 projects. They pay the annual return monthly and have been operating the scheme for around a decade with every payment being made on time and in full. This satisfies the proven track record aspect as well as regular payments. At the present time this is an investment that should be considered as part of anyone’s portfolio as it ticks the vast majority of boxes.