Gun Fired at Patong Night Club


Gun Fired at Patong Night Club

Police investigate the scene and find a 9mm ammunition drop on the ground and there is blood near the table at the right-hand side of the stage.

At 3 am this morning, a shooting took place in a famous nightclub in the middle of Bangla Road, Patong. One Thai man was injured. The incident happened when the nightclub was closing down. 27-year-old Pongwarit Thiptara was walking past a man when the two accidentally collided inside the club and the man, who he has never seen before, shot him right after the incident in his calf and back.

He was rushed to Vachira Hospital. In the confusion following the incident, the shooter fled. Police investigated the scene and found two 9mm bullets dropped on the floor and blood near the table at the right-hand side of the stage.

Patong police are checking CCTV camera footage to identify the shooter and which way he escaped from the club.According to a friend of the person injured, the shooter was sitting next to their table in the nightclub.

While they were going back home as the club closed, the shooter had to pass in front of his friend and they accidentally collided. They looked at each other for a moment and the man shot him, even though there was no conflict or any fight before. Source: Nation


  • ken

    Typical immature Thai males,they
    kill and assault others for any reason.these brain dead morons with their antisocial behavior will lead to the extinction of the Thai male which will be a day of rejoicing.

    • Unbelievably with all the road death carnage and violence the population is still increasing, about the same as the UK right now!

    • hello

      I nearly got attacked in a western country by a teenager for no reason, so your racial slurs are useless and idiotic. 10% of the population in any country is dangerous and you can be killed anywhere at any time no matter where you are in the world.

      • ” nearly got attacked “??? My Sister nearly got pregnant!

        • hello

          don’t look at me!

      • Pathetic comment, you must be new to Thailand and this forum, you have not a clue what goes on here, and to compare it with Western countries is immature and naive and shows your lack of knowledge and understanding about the subject!

        • hello

          so anyone who disagrees with you lacks knowledge and is naive? ha ha.

          • No anyone who disagrees with your pathetic comments is wrong?

          • hello

            I think we’re going around in circles now.

        • Bitten Coins

          LA Mongrel, that is the Guest, Steve Gray and all the other user names he uses.

          • Who dug you up? thought you was lying in an unmarked grave on Ko Tao?

  • Glockandspiel

    Drink/ drug addled Thai men and guns are a recipe for disaster. The victim of the shooting, after accidentally banging into him, just looked at the shooter. Most civilised people would have apologised and made their exit. The shooter, not wanting to lose face after being bounced, waited for the victim to turn away and shot him in the back.
    Not defending the indefensible but this cowardly assault may have been avoided with a simple apology. But nothing is simple for Thai men except their minds.

  • Heywood Jablowmie

    I don’t think it’s an occasional shooting. The shooter may have been sent to settle a score and carried out the hit on cue.

    • If it was a professional hit he would have shott his target twice in the head and picked up his used rounds!

      • Heywood Jablowmie

        Next time, they should hire you! It’s possible it was a message sent and not a kill by design.

        • There are more effective and less risky ways of putting on the frightners then letting off two rounds in a nightclub full of innocent punters CCTV and CCTV everywhere outside presumably, also the gun cant be used anymore as the forensic have the rifling profile from the spent rounds, presuming Pattaya has a Forensic ballistic lab?

          • Heywood Jablowmie

            This conversation is ludicrous. You spend hours and hours scumbagging these people and now, out of the blue- you find a need apply your logic to their actions. Nope. I’m not buying it.

          • private pile

            The only forensics they do os wotha camera then get the photos uploaded to the internet… then they watch ad wait for bright ideas and clues in the reposts… good photos of the used cartridges… im sure some one will post to reclaim their property…. case solved

  • Dont they have any form of security screening at this club? so any monkey armed to the teeth can just walk in and kill at will! 3rd world wasteland!

    • private pile

      Go on ken 555